Maybe You Don’t Know Me

I hit the gym knowing the warm up will take exactly as long as it takes to listen to four songs.

  1. Stretching
  2. Still Stretching
  3. Pace
  4. Heavier Pacing

By the time this song starts really moving I am pretty loose and depending upon whether I feel like slinging iron around I move to something like this or this.

Some of it depends on how fast I can tap into the adrenaline rush from lifting and how much time I have.

Twenty-five years ago I didn’t require the ritual I have developed to get my body and mind in sync with what I need to do and where I am trying to go.

I didn’t have the mystery aches and pains like the one that is in the middle of my back now nor did I wonder if I needed something more than stretching to help it release.

Aging isn’t all that it is cracked up to be.

Maybe You Don’t Know Me

If you’re new to the blog you may not know that is really my hand or that I dislocated my finger when I slipped down two stairs.

It pissed me off more than it hurt and though it has long since been fixed it is still not the same.

I have worked on it and tried to make it better than it was but it is not quite right.

Most of the time I don’t notice it, but every now and then it acts up a bit and makes me wonder if it will forever remind me of my second apartment in Texas.

Maybe I’ll find out I am wrong. I keep using my hand grip to keep my hands strong and wonder if maybe that and time will be enough.


I love this kind of stuff but not just for the action or because it is part of one of my favorite series.

It makes me think about a million different things such as how cities were developed and built, how man figured out how to craft tools and the uses for them, when war is required to bring about diplomacy and when diplomacy is required to avoid war.

Way back when we worried about Y2K and had discussions about the greatest inventions ever and those specific to the 2oth century someone said that the most important one was the mirror.

They said the mirror made people look aware of what we looked like and that motivated us to do things to change the way we look.

Vanity made us create, develop and change industry.

There is a line of thought there that can be fleshed out and unpacked at length.

Can’t say it is of interest or important to everyone but I like thinking and talking about these things.

A Few More Words

I mulled over using the quote above and Einstein’s Information is not knowledge.

Thought about spending a few minutes talking about them and how they are applicable today but chose not to.

Primarily because I just read something that fired me up a bit and am irritated that I am giving someone free rent inside my head.

I didn’t respond because your author, the occasional snob doesn’t believe this other person is smart enough to understand what I have to say.

Doesn’t matter if I type slowly or provide him with a picture book and small words. This is a person who stands at the urinal and decides that what he holds between two fingers looks big.

There is no scientific proof that it is larger than any other and even if there was he wouldn’t have ability to use this information to prove nature’s gift is useful.

Given current circumstances I am short tempered which is why they have the free rent and why sort of want to let them know in more colorful terms I find them immoral and stupid.

But hey, if you think separating children from their parents is a smart idea and can’t understand the need to look into other ways of handling this situation maybe you are the smart guy and I am the fool.

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