JoJo’s Fling With Eleanor Rigby

JoJo couldn’t get back in time for his appointment which consequently led to an early end to the feast of flesh he and his dear Eleanor had been engaged in.

Play song one and move to song two.

None of that has any particular meaning but that won’t stop some for searching for hidden messages and or secret signs.

If they were to ask I would tell them I either place those out in the open or in the semi private places a few frolic through.

These days I find the idea of cleverly hiding things in the open to be both intriguing and interesting but am unlikely to do so because of the tick-tock in my head.

Better and faster ways to communicate thoughts and ideas that lead to the golden road of enlightenment exist.

Get back to where you once were in the page above and remember the line about searching for hidden messages and know Mrs. Hackleshmackle, English teacher of beloved memory would have said that is a reference to carnal knowledge or drugs.

Tend To Your Garden

The other day I found myself looking at an old picture of a garden and wondered if it is still kempt or if parts have gone gray.

A proper bit of gardening by a proper gardener could fix that in a jif or a huff. Do it right it and there might be quite a bit more than a simple huff.,

Which reminds me that my own gardener has proven to be unreliable and now I must find him so that I can pay and fire him.

I am fine with a certain amount of uncertainty but not a lack or reliability.

Though I am capable and able to mow my own lawns and tend to the other tasks required to make sure it is handled I choose not to.

That too is clock related and since time is limited I must pick and choose the people and places I spend it on or with.

I am young enough to start over and or begin new pursuits and have ample time to spend upon them but old enough to know the importance of being selective.

Living is easy with eyes closed but I would prefer to take us down to a different place.


One could use a telephone line to communicate it all but sometimes that eye contact makes the difference and yet maybe the intimacy and intensity that come with it are why telephones are still in play.

Empty Carousel Meet An Empty Vessel

Sometimes one wonders what might happen if an empty carousel met an empty vessel.

Would said vessel allow itself to go for a ride and perhaps be filled or would it remain as it was and as it is,.

The possibilities are endless and so the opportunity that come with such things remains ambiguous and unattached to the pier.

Unhooked and unmoored it goes where the tide wills it.

One might think of covers and ask which are subpar and which are superior.

I too remember everything and I know what I have become or at least I did, now I sit and wonder what evolution will produce and smile at the possibility.


There is a magnetic pull that refuses to be ignored and a thought that nature will have its way regardless of how we tend to our garden

If I could start again I would do it all differently and yet I look now upon the horizon and see no need for anything more than renewal.

That would be…enough.

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