Could Be A Trick Or A Treat

“A smart Virgo always remembers to listen to a Taurus because they know things.”

The flash in his eyes made it clear Dad wasn’t sure what to make of the comment but he opted to comment by shaking his head at me and softly pushing me to the side.

“I don’t have time to play games today.”

“Dad, you are retired now. You have nothing but time now.”

“Not to spend on this kind of foolishness.”

I laughed and told him he ought to pay attention because there was truth in what I said.

He handed me a screwdriver, channel locks and told me what we were going to fix. I bowed and walked into the other room.

I had a love/hate working on things with him when I was a kid but as a man in my forties it was enjoyable, especially since I knew there was only so long before we couldn’t do this sort of thing together.

Could Be A Trick Or A Treat

When I am feeling particularly ornery or exceptionally insouciant it is not uncommon for me to respond to questions about how I feel about a particular thing with something that makes my position clear, could be a trick or it could be a treat.

Those who know me well will assure you there is no guarantee I’ll select that particular chestnut to throw at you and may instead opt for something different but equally infuriating.

You might ask me to explain myself be disappointed when I shrug my shoulders. Sometimes I know and sometimes I don’t.

The funny thing to me is how unexpected and off putting this would be for people whose primary exposure is work or coaching.

That is because I position myself in those venues to be purposeful and intentional. Know what you are trying to and why.

Maybe that focus in those situations is why I like to let go and just be and maybe it has nothing to do with anything.

We like to think we are logical and rational creatures but people are not.

You might click on this link and be certain I am trying to say something in particular and discover I just happen to like the song.


Long time readers know I am fond of Stephen King and his tips on writing.

This wasn’t always so. There was a time when I thought he was just some hack writer who tossed out horror novels with regularity.

I am not sure when I changed my mind about him but I suspect it was when I started reading his books and found them entertaining.

Big surprise there, give someone a chance and you discover there is more to them.

It wasn’t until I was in my thirties that I really started to appreciate what Stephen King has accomplished.

Probably because I hadn’t realized how much I love writing and how important this is to me. That awareness came because of a few experiences and support from some people.

Which I suppose serves as a reminder about to pay attention to Shmatas, some of them turn out to be far more important than you would have guessed when you first encounter them.

Anyhoo, I am listening to Stephen King’s book, “On Writing” (I own a hard copy too) and have been paying close attention to his advice.

There is a section in there about uncovering fossils that I find of significant interest because it feels very similar to how I write.

Rumble In The Gut

Today won’t be a day I remember because there is nothing unique about it.

The bad drivers who don’t signal and who tailgate you at 25, 50 and 90 aren’t noteworthy. Nor was the familiar rumble in the gut that hit while watching my daughter play soccer.

I suppose it might be memorable to the guy who saw me hurdle a three foot fence as I hustled towards the restroom at the park.

Or maybe the kid who looked at my face and told his brother I looked sick.

I am assuming that sick referred to how he thought I felt and wasn’t in reference to my stylish black Nike Shorts and black t-shirt, but I could be wrong.

You know that whole bit about what happens when you assume…


The kid was right, I did feel sick and the park bathroom was not where I wanted to be locked up but it wasn’t too bad.

I have been in worst places.

I won’t go into detail but if I ever tell you a bathroom was too nasty for me to use it is safe to say you ought to burn it down because a Hazmat team couldn’t save it.

That is part of the joy of having a dysfunctional digestive system. Maybe I’ll get a colonoscopy one day and see if the docs can determine if anything can be done to make things better.

I’d say determine if anything unusual goes on down there but I already know the answer. It does, it is and it is part of why I look at some days and think could be a trick and it could be a treat.

You just never know. 🙂

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