Where You Once Belonged

Some would say there is a contradiction between playing this song while sharing a thought because of the nature of the thought.

Said thought referring to the time I found a giant oaf poking through a place he wasn’t given an invitation to.

I found the weasel wandering through their and other places more than once and wondered if the slimy fellow wormed his way through the mud on his own or if he was given directions.

Part of me was mildly amused because he has the intelligence of a storm trooper and the social graces of the Oompa-Loompa he helped to elect.

Sometimes you let the rats run for a while so that you can locate their hidey-hole and provide an appropriate response.

Where You Once Belonged

Grandpa Wilner once told me be wary of my temper.

Sometimes the echoes of that moment spring from the past into the present and I take note because he was among my top five cheerleaders.

The man was precise in the criticism he laid at my feet which made it more likely for me to take notice of it.

Given the fire that is burning now and the echo of his words I choose to believe this is grandpa reaching out from the great beyond to say ‘hold up, their grandson and think about what you are doing.”

You might call it wishful thinking but I figure it is the sort of timeless advice that I’ll focus on now because I have that twitchy feeling in my finger tips.

Depending upon how you know me you might expect to see that twitchy feeling lead to a flurry of typing out responses, replies and questions at break neck speed.

Or you might wonder whether the twitch is going to lead to the delivery of knuckles to teeth.

Bells are going off inside my head and there is music accompanying them.

Other Things Appear

I was going to share with you a comment about Snape and a conversation he had with Dumbledore but a flash of memory pushed me forward.

That ride upon the river made me think of a conversation about Marlowe’s poem, The Passionate Shepherd To His Love and whether it could be fantasy or reality.

Maybe it is because something about this song moves me and makes me feel like the world is filled with endless possibilities.

Probably because I associate it with this one and a few experiences and something about the multiple layers of those lyrics.


Craftmanship and Artistry

You have to give Otis praise for his work. I have spent more than a few minutes listening to his do his thing.

But let’s not forget his compatriots, the performers of one of my favorite songs and the the men I have thanked more than once for helping turn a rough mood from rocky into silly.

That is always something worth giving thanks for and it is something I often hope to be able to do for others.

If you can’t or won’t give back in some way or another you are missing out on one of the finest parts of living.

There is a gift you cannot receive any other way that comes from your time.


The not so little mister and I are wandering the aisles of Home Depot and talking about tools.

“When Grandpa’s little brother died one of the first things grandpa said to me was that he wanted his tools.

You may not remember, but our uncle was a goldsmith and jeweler. He made a very cool ring for me for my Bar Mitzvah.”

Intermixed with more comments about my uncle and running commentary about why knowing about lumens and common light bulb bases I say “I have the same feeling about tools as grandpa.”

This part is too important to me to be missed so I make sure we make eye contact.

“Those tools are important to me because we fixed and built things together. We may not be the ancient craftsman and artist but we used those to create and to extend life. That has meaning to me.”

I lead us down three more aisles and add comments about what tools I would like to have that I don’t yet own and a few words about working with our hands.

“I know how to do a bunch of things with my hands but sometimes the level of knowledge and my at executing are two different things. Sometimes it is better to pay someone to do the work because they can do a better job than I can.

Don’t be afraid to pay for quality work but don’t be afraid to learn how things are done so you can have some way to gauge quality.”

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