Is It Better To Feed Your Cat Or The Easter Bunny To Gators?

Every time I see someone write about eating escargot I wonder if they enjoy spoonfuls of Vasoline or licking the bottom of trash cans.

Some of you may think that is a progressive and forward thinking response and I would applaud you for your taste.

Hell, I might even serenade you with this song because I need an excuse to wear a red suit and beret.

Ok, that might be an exaggeration because I don’t need any excuses to dress up like I can’t decide whether I want to be a white guy wearing a Zoot suit or a man cosplaying as the Joker.

Scratch that, it would be much more fun playing the Joker.

Is It Better To Feed Your Cat Or The Easter Bunny To Gators?

Speaking of Jokers I wonder if I ought to say that I could do a superior of job of playing with your peaches and shaking your tree than others can.

We are living in an age of absurdity when the willfully blind cheer on the stupid and ignorant while pretending that reality is inside out and upside down.

It makes me think a bit of college listening to music and late night conversations with people about the future.

Sometimes they would tell me I was crazy and ask how I came up with ridiculous ideas and claim that they could never happen.

I always insisted they were wrong and said that it wasn’t crazy or bragging if you could prove it.

“Josh, sometimes you are really out there.”

“If it makes you feel better to call me crazy,  well then by all means call me crazy and watch what happens.”

Sometimes they would ask what they meant and sometimes they ignored it.

It never made a difference because my focus wasn’t upon being proven right at that moment but upon one day demonstrating that I wasn’t so out in left field.

Not for them, but for me.


I watched Trump’s statement on Syria and remembered when Dubya announced we were going to war.

My son was about 2.5 or so.

That was after 9/11 and the US going into Afghanistan.

In the time between his birth and then the US had gone from peace to war and it got me thinking.

Thinking about how my grandparents were born during WW1 and my parents during WWII.

I was born during Vietnam.

In some ways war marked all of our lives, regardless of whether family, friends or us served, but this was different because now I was a father.

Now I had to look it differently because I wasn’t the guy who might go fight.

And being someone who is hawkish by nature I had to ask myself to look carefully at what we engaged in because I understood what it meant to send our children elsewhere in a way I didn’t understand before.

I don’t trust Assad for a host of reasons not the least of which is I know how his father ruled and he seems to be no better.

But I don’t have much faith in the corrupt and incompetent buffoon in office now. This feels too much like wagging the dog.

That irritates more than a little.

Think for a moment what that means.

I’m looking a guy in Syria who is doing awful, unthinkable things and wondering if I ought to support trying to help people because the guy who should be wearing the white hat isn’t trustworthy.

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe I am confused and I misunderstand it all or maybe the situation calls for deciding whether it makes more sense to feed you cat or the Easter bunny to alligators.

Put More Plates On

After the news conference I headed out to the gym and decided to see if reality matched my feelings.

I hit the bench and put 245 up.

I think I could have done more but didn’t have a spotter and didn’t want to push my luck.

Been a loooonggg time since I could do that and I didn’t do it with as much ease as I would like.

But I did it.

I am not sharing that for you but for me.

This is a living chronicle of life and a place I can use to mark milestones and remind myself that even  though my progress is much slower than I would like it is happening.

It is a reminder that even though I am not twenty something any more I am not close to being old and decrepit.

And yeah, my dad’s situation is driving me to push myself but I am trying to be smart about it because I did have that double hernia.

That still makes me scratch my head because I never stopped feeling like I couldn’t pull the door off of the hinges or knock down a wall.

Hell, after the workout tonight I feel stronger than I have in forever but there is that voice inside my head counseling to be prudent.

That voice that says all things are possible as long as you are purposeful, intentional and aware.

Elvis Music Break

Who Reads This Drivel?

If that sounds like I tried to be like Alfred E. Neuman and company you can give yourself a pat on the back because that is my hope.

It is supposed to be Mad Magazine like because your man has thought about writing for Mad more than once.

Funny thing is I haven’t read it in quite some time and can’t say if it is as good or as popular as it once was.

Can’t say much other than I have thought it would be pretty damn cool to say I wrote a piece or two for them.

But it is also a serious question/comment because the traffic here is growing again and I know it is not just stupid redneck lawyers who somehow have managed not to shoot themselves in the gizzard.

Nor is it just family or even just friends.

It is a mix of the above and then some.

I am not complaining, just saying it is kind of interesting to me that people find these words worth reading with any sort of frequency.

Of course if I said that we should feed your cats and the Easter bunny to alligators you might be disturbed so I’ll help ease your sense of discomfort.

Crocodiles are fine too.

We can feed them to crocodiles or alligators after all living dinosaurs deserve our respect, not to mention that helping them grow larger is good for the boots and belts we wear.

Right. 😉

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