83,168 Integrals You Can’t Solve If You Own Guns

I didn’t expect a scene in Black Panther to sting me at all, but there was one that touched closer to home than I would prefer.

It caught me off guard and for a moment I wondered if it was in 3D or if someone was cutting onions.

That passed as fast as it appeared and I made a mental note to be cognizant of not getting too high or too low.

I think there is a good Satchel Paige quote that is tied into that one but I don’t have the patience to search for it now.

Nor do I feel the need to tell you that the headline is nonsense…Oops, looks like I just did.

Did I mention that your favorite author has been having a field day discussing current events online or that he has been the recipient of many heartwarming compliments.

Some 0f them were so profound I am certain they were pulled from the big yellow book of Insults For Dummies because no one is quick enough to roll out so many witticisms about me.

Sigh, the love they feel doesn’t just warm the cockles of my tiny black heart, it heats a fire in my empty and broken soul. 🙂

“The Heart wants what it wants – or else it does not care”
― Emily Dickinson

The great Pasqualina wrote a letter a while back promising me moments I dare not write about in a family blog.

Ok, I am stretching the truth, I might tell you the story of the parking lot and the moment on Judy’s porch but only if you know Tim and Norb, but probably not.

Tonight I am just writing to blow off some steam and to do as I said above, not get too high nor get too low.


Because the very bad news is potentially being offset by other news that could turn things around. It won’t make it all into a tempest in a teapot but it presents possibility.

And we all know that sometimes possibility presents opportunity and I am ever vigilant for such things.

If The Door Opens A Little

The teens in the house have heard me tell there more than once that if the door to opportunity opens a little there is a good chance I will hit it with my shoulder hard enough to take it off the hinges.

That is because I am done missing opportunities because I was too shy, too nervous or too scared to take that shot.

I prefer to say I failed than I failed to take the chance.

Much of that has to do with recent events as well as some from the not so distant past.

Got to run do some laundry because traveling time is around the corner and I have to pack.

Don’t know if I’ll update tomorrow or sometime towards the end of the month. Chances are solid that you’ll see several more posts in February, but then again you might not.

So much going on, so uncertain about whether I’ll take the time to fill these pages with more nonsense.

Might, might not.

Sometimes lightning strikes, sometimes it doesn’t but when it does you hope it doesn’t burn your butt.

And that my friends is all you get, besides a quote, silly headline, Wings song and a few words.

Be good.

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