The Art Of Anticipation

It keeps playing inside my head, this song and I have to force myself not to think about part of it because my head goes where it shouldn’t yet go.

“Can you hear me Major Tom?”

The voice on the other end of the phone makes it clear we are still connected but I still ask, “How long do we have before Major Tom can’t respond?”

Answers are supposed to be forthcoming but I am not particularly adept at the art of anticipation. My imagination is far to active and built for painting pictures.

It hates an empty canvas and will fill it in with speed and precision.

Fire And Rain Meet Mars

More music flows through my head and I ask about life on Mars and Fire and Rain wondering if these meandering thoughts serve any purpose or if they’re a complete waste.

I want to believe it is useful and they’re helping me prepare but I am pretty certain there is no preparing for this.

Pretty certain it is going to be like jumping into an ice filled stream in the dead of winter.


The theory holds that in a couple of days there will be more details and more data to use to make decisions.

And the theory holds that with said data I’ll be able to do some planning and that will enable me to make smarter choices.

Except life has consistently proven it doesn’t give a fuck whether I want an extra moment to try to be smart.

Given those experiences and the knowledge that comes with it I figure I ought to do the best I can to adjust on the fly.

Think I might have to emulate Cave Johnson now.

And So It Goes

There are important conversations and things that have to happen before Ground Control feels comfortable with Major Tom’s launch.

We’re doing the best we can given limited resources, time and information to make those happen.

Doing the best we can to be flexible and forgiving, but I can’t say how well we are doing. I suppose that is life, but sometimes it sucks.

“Can you hear me Major Tom?”

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