All I Once Held As True

The text to my sisters and I offers a quick update to let us know that dad is being checked into the hospital but not to worry because it should be a minor deal.

A quick call to check in confirms all is ok…more or less and thirty seconds after we hang up I call our favorite pizza place and place an order for our dinner.

A few hours earlier I struggled to focus during my workout and cut it short because my head wasn’t in it.

Sometimes this happens, sometimes Mr. Toad offers to drive the car and my mind says, “why not” and we go racing over hill and dale while I watch the scenery go rolling by.

All I Once Held As True

A few hours ago I sat at the computer and added a few lines to some stories I have here and there.

One song kept running through my head and as I tapped on the keys I thought about whether the words reflected the images I saw inside my mind.

I wasn’t convinced they did so I added a couple of links and talked about weaving them all together with the idea that I would come back to it later.


Because there is a part of me that saw and felt something that will happen in the future knowing that this prescience moment wasn’t something I can count on.

But the feeling came with such strength and conviction I couldn’t ignore it nor could I find a way to put it on paper with the sort of precision I wanted.

So I put down a little and promised myself I would come back to it.

Maybe it is a case of heart and head fighting with each other in the sense that one demands proof and the other says you don’t have to visit the sun to know it is hot.

Sometimes you just have to submit and accept there are things that cannot be explained in simple or traditional manners.

And the reality is when I look back upon my life it has had more than a few moments of truth being stranger than fiction.

Sometimes lightning strikes and the best you can do is roll with it even knowing that all you once held as true has been turned upside down and inside out.

One moment is all it takes for that…one moment.

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