The Story Of The Nutella Jar In The Pantry

Two weeks after I moved back to Texas I bought a jar of Nutella and brought it home.

It is not something I usually by or keep in my kitchen, but I thought it might be something I would serve if I had guests.

Thought if I cooked a meal and didn’t head off to BJ’s for pizza and pizookies it might be a snack or dessert but as things turned out it never did happen.

I never did cook a meal for anyone at my place other then when my son came to visit last Spring.

There were times when I thought about busting that puppy open and having my own Nutella party but it never did feel quite right so I never did it.

The funny thing is I always knew that if I somehow managed to eat the whole thing myself I could always get more.

It is not like there is a Nutella shortage in Texas or anywhere else that I am aware of.

Is there?

Carry That Weight

There are moments in time in which the opening of this song has struck me with a kind of truth that surprised me.

I know this part in great detail and depth and understand it with the sort of intimacy you can’t acquire except through time.

Speaking of time I keep meaning to pick up a copy of The Great Gatsby because I don’t remember reading it and I usually remember such things.

I don’t know where the quote above comes from other than it is supposed to something Fitzgerald said and that it caught my eye.

In part because a certain 13 year-old girl likes to tell me how old I am and suggest my age prevents me from appreciating certain pieces of modernity, such as modern musicians.

Sometimes I respond by telling her how her music makes my ears bleed and that I’d prefer to have a colonoscopy than listen to that crap.

But most of the time I tell her to follow up with me in twenty years and let me know if her music is still being played.

The last time she told me to name two songs that I like that are twenty years old and I laughed because it was one of those moments where it didn’t occur to her that it requires no effort for me to do so.

“Baby girl, I have been an adult (said in air quotes) for more than 20 years. Why not ask me for something that is 30, 40 0r 50 years old.”

She gives me an eye roll, but before she can leave I pull out this video knowing my daughter isn’t going to give up and admit I have a point but expect some of what I will sink in.

Maybe I’m Amazed

Maybe I’m amazed that I never did eat the Nutella or that I thought I might actually serve it. Maybe I am amazed by a lot of things that have surprised me.

Scratch that, I am definitely amazed and surprised by so many things that have happened and a few that haven’t.

At the moment I am primarily amazed by how hard it is to sit up and type, that is because I hit the gym again and punished my arms.

Did more than punish my arms, but if I told you my lats are sore and my butt hurts a bit that would be excessive…but true.


I finally saw Three Billboards today.

Loved it and was reminded why Frances McDormand is always one of my favorite actresses. She knows how to do quirky in a way that moves the story along without being irritating.

Not everyone can do that and I appreciate it.

All You Have To Do Is Reach Out

For years I have been told or told my children that all you have to do in life is reach out and take what you want.

Always with the caveat that taking means you have to work for it and that has never bothered me, hell I like it better because of the satisfaction that comes with earning it.

Got a big week coming, huge really.

A week that might be the one that changes everything again or that just pushes things forward a little bit.

Got to wait and see what happens and how it goes. Live hard my friends.

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