The Lies You Tell On Facebook

I cannot confirm nor deny telling the dumb redneck attorney who followed me around to play in traffic.

But I can confirm I never told him to eat his gun.

Nor can I confirm nor deny saying real men don’t shoot deer, they use their hands. No guns, rocks, or spears– just hands.

I can confirm I told a dopey retired sports reporter his ignorance and self righteous behavior made him just as dangerous as a terrorist.

And that my friends is one of the weakest openings you’ll ever read in a blog post…anywhere.

The Lies You Tell On Facebook

Someone is going to ask why it is the lies you tell on Facebook instead of the lies we tell on Facebook.

But it probably won’t be any of the people who ought to reach out and touch someone instead of play voyeur.

Some of those people have asked me lots of different questions about my opinions on this and that but I refuse to address them in print.


Because I am not in the mood to feed the outrage of the people who will demand to know why I could be so naive/dumb/angry/foolish/ignorant to not adopt their position.

They’ll miss the nuance and questions in my piece and castigate me for not being sensitive to their particular position and one of us will tell the other to play in traffic.

What bothers me most about it is I know if we had a conversation there is a decreased chance of misunderstanding and a better opportunity for learning.

Given the craziness around me I have to find ways to decrease and diminish the chaos. Have to find a way to make the complex issues more manageable, maybe even simple.


I got a ridiculous message on FB messenger demanding I stop lying about the dolt, er buffoon, er conman, er dummy, er fool that sits in the Oval Office.

It came from someone I didn’t know and I gracefully told him I have no reason to mistrust a president who lies about his weight or who spends time giving out fake awards instead of working.

Why should I care that a man who promised he wouldn’t play golf does so constantly or that same man works daily to damage the country.

I resist.

I push back.

I tell the truth on Facebook.

Wonder what would happen if they pried the phone out of his greasy fat paw and pulled the putter out of his oversized ass.

Would sanity be restored?

Nah, he’d still be the mad king and I’d still be lambasted for not respecting the office of the President…even if it is a shit hole of his own making.

That is one of my favorite movie scenes…ever.

The line, the music, the tension–brilliant.

Truth Is Strange…er

An hour ago I found out a friend and his daughter were involved in a head on collision with a drunk driver.

The driver was killed but my friend and daughter escaped with moderate injuries.

It is the second major car accident involving people I know in a day and the third event of 2018.

I take all of these as reminders to be grateful for all I have and to be vigilant about living now and not waiting.

Life can and does change in a heartbeat.

Things could be better, there are some real challenges but they could be a hell of a lot worse too.

One day there will come a time for conversation and stories about now, but not today.

Have to fix the blog and find a new theme to use first.

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