Every Second I Waste Is…

I may be slow to catch on to some things but stupid is never a description that will be applied to me, unless you are describing choices or actions.

Which is a long way of saying I recognize when I am being punished for what I have done and an indication of how poorly I am understood by some…people.

They don’t recognize I either ignore or acknowledge the aforementioned but neither option is enough to motivate me to change paths.

Especially when everything I know to be true indicates I do as I am and go as I go. Remember, I won’t wear a sweater just because others are cold.

People are always quick to tell you about the mistakes you are making when you do things they are uncomfortable doing.

That is not indicative of a wrong move on your part, it just means their fear won’t allow them to consider the sense in taking a different path.

Every Second I Waste Is…


Every second I waste is painful.

I choke on it and search for clear and clean air knowing the choking is because of what I did or didn’t do.

Can’t beat myself up about not having had the sense or courage to have done a few things differently provided I recognize the crossroads and choose a different path.

That is what you do during the birth of days, especially when others do things that prove your feelings were and are right.


This might be one of the best things I have written. It might be the one that makes the motor run and leads from dreams to destiny.

Those few of you who have told me I was born to be a writer might even agree or might say there are others that are far better.

Sometimes I want to sit you down, look you in the eye and explain what you see and hear in these words.

‘Cuz I think you are crazy and not just because you like some of the words that flow from these fingertips.

But mostly ‘cuz crazy finds crazy and sometimes it takes crazy to explain crazy.

Unless you are talking about Trump ‘cuz then you have to be dumb, maybe even too stupid to be limited to fucking crazy.

Ya know the kind of crazy that seeks the lowest level and then finds a way to seep lower.

That man has redefined the word presidential in a way that is indescribably…bad.

The Music Of The Night

Some will take the subhead as a reference to Phantom Of The Opera and though there are moments where I feel like the aforementioned hero/villain now is not one of them.

Rather this reference is to the music I hear in my head as it relates to some pending matters.

Got a situation that has been hanging around for a bit that is going to be dealt with soon and the anticipation is starting to wear upon me.

The waiting and wondering has gone stale and it makes me want to throw on a suit of armor and ride off into battle.

Ya know, yell Battle and go after the bull.

Or maybe just play some silly song and think about what was, what is and what could be.

Every second I waste…

Some will understand, some won’t and I won’t explain.

Won’t give a second away to those who require words because some things just are and some just aren’t.

Can’t say if some things that aren’t are things that might have been or stuff that once was because my eyes can’t pierce the darkness as they once did.

Or maybe I just choose not to.

Maybe I never could but wanted to badly I fooled myself into thinking I could.

It is hard to say when perspective has taken a leave of absence alongside of whit and sense. All you are left with is gut feelings, notions and a vague idea best described as maybe.

You don’t have to kill the past to move on but you don’t have to feed it either.

Sometimes you just walk away until the only echoes you hear are of your feet marching into the future.

That is what happens when you are proven right and confirm what you always knew to be true.

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