Who Are You Accountable To?

Five minutes ago there was a post of almost 1,000 words that barely resembles that which you read now.

Something about it felt wrong so I nuked it.

Did the old select all and followed up with a delete and then wiped pixel dust off of my hands.

You might wonder if the words I placed on the page offended me or if I feared they would offend others but I can’t answer that.

Or rather I am not certain how to answer that because experience has shown me that when I launch a shot across the bow of others they don’t always notice.

It has also shown me that I can’t predict which posts will receive rave reviews and which will be hated.

Not that any of it matters because ultimately I write first for me and than for you. Or if you want to tie it into our headline I am accountable to me and than you.

I suppose some people might find that an odd way to write but I am not your conventional fella. I do things as I do them and sometimes that is different.

Doesn’t mean it is always right or correct, and there is a difference between the two. Nor does it mean I don’t ever question things because I question many, especially that which people think and do.

Some of y’all make me laugh when you claim you make logical and rational decisions because I know better. You are as arbitrary as the next person, myself included.

The Search For Good Chinese/Mexican Food

My buddy Jim Croce is singing One Less Set Of Footsteps in my ear and my foot is tapping along while my fingers search for a crucial component of a Jewish Christmas- Chinese food.

It is easy to find a movie, but good Chinese food and Texas has been a bit of a bust.

I love living here but coming from LA the three foods that have been the biggest challenges to locate have been Mexican, Chinese and Sushi.

Not because of a scarcity of restaurants that serve such things but because I come from a place where we had outstanding choices.

Some of the very best, if not the best in the country.

That being said I find it hard to believe I won’t find at least a couple of good ch0ices here but thus far I haven’t found anything that compares to what I am used to.

In a perfect world this would be the biggest challenge I ever encounter and I would gladly spend time focusing upon it.

Sadly I don’t have the time, cash or metabolism to make this my sole focus so I have to rely upon suggestions and online reviews.

Thus far the suggestions and reviews have fallen short, but the search continues.

Burn It Down

I have been in a ‘burn it all down’ and start over kind of mood.

I’m tired of listening to people make stupid and illogical excuses for doing stupid things and have unfriended, blocked and dropped a slew.

Was on a bit of a tear and a dear friend suggested I take a deep breath and not salt the earth. “Brother, this moment is going to pass and when it does you might feel differently.”

Something about that line made bells go off inside my head and I decided it made sense. Some of the idiotic comments and general stupidity has nothing to do with me so there is no point reacting.

Hell, most of it doesn’t but given what has been going on and the fever pitch I realize I am hyper sensitive to some things so it makes sense to step back and let some of it go.


This time tomorrow my folks will be here for a visit and we’ll be figuring out where to go this trip.

It is actually the second time my parents have come to visit me here so they have had a chance to see a few things.

But there is a lot we haven’t done so we’ll map out some events and probably put a dent in the stock of some of restaurants.

Reach Out & Touch Someone

Big changes are coming. Can’t tell you exactly what and when, but l feel them coming.

Can sense their presence and know that in the blink of an eye what was won’t be and what is will be different.

It is hard sometimes to be so certain of the one and uncertain of the other. All you can do is take the moment we have and do our best to make it extraordinary.

And if you can’t do that, well you can be present and make the most out of what you do have.

One day that phone will ring and the voice you hear and the things they say may be quite different than what you have heard or were expecting to hear.

It is what makes life interesting.

You may not always be accountable to others but you are always accountable to yourself.


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