She Used To Love Me…A Little

I had this idea about a story that was sort of Johnny and June meets The Notebook meets When Harry Met Sally that I was going to call She Used To Love Me… A Little.

But I had to do my hair and got sidetracked.

Somewhere in the midst of it all I came across the video below of Phil Collins performing In The Air Tonight and ended up in a ridiculous day dream in which I starred in Miami Vice.

I Can Feel It Coming

The day I left Texas in 2013 I made three silent promises based upon things I thought I knew and this feeling of anticipation.

A sense that something was in the air and that sooner or later it would have an impact upon my life. Well it has, it did and it is still there, but what the end result will be I can’t quite say.

Since I have already filled two of those silent promises I can guess and gather that it is tied into the third one, but I could be wrong.

Wouldn’t be the first time and it won’t be the last but I am good with that ‘cuz I am a man of mystery and adventure.

Cue Indiana Jones theme music and follow up with some Springsteen– ya know some good push pull stuff ‘cuz I am the guy who will jump off of the cliff hoping I figure out how to fly on the way down.

Love Bruce, that man can write.

But the past two or three days have been dedicated to other artists with special attention paid to Don McLean and Till Tomorrow cuz that song was going to play a primary role in the silly story I thought of.

What can this be, can you tell me?
Would you like to discover why we’re not free
To be lovers
I’ve been wanting to ask you
Where has all the love gone
And what have we become
Storm clouds full of thunder

Tell me you can’t feel the weight and opportunity of such lyrics and I’ll accuse you of being cold-hearted and say you lack imagination.

That would be par for the past week when your 1982nd curmudgeon looked two different people in the eye and told them not to press him for answers because they wouldn’t like what they heard.

One of them told me they thought it was sad to hear I was afraid of the truth and I laughed.

“You can’t tell me you know what G-d thinks or feels just because you have a feeling. You can’t tell me you have a relationship and suggest I don’t.”

They scrunched up their face and told me that I didn’t understand and I smiled and said I did.

“When you deal with matters of faith you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. You can’t prove I am wrong and you are right.”

A moment later he told me he couldn’t help me if I refused to be open to belief and I asked him if he had ever been open to going a different way.

“No, not really, I have always felt like I had the truth.”

“Well, I am a seeker of truth. I have gone through more than one period of time in which I considered myself an atheist and more than one when I was just agnostic.  Never once did one of those lead me to your side of the river. They never made sense and I am ok  with that. Believe what you want, but don’t witness at or to me. I am happy with my beliefs.

Blogging Is A Game

There is a 13-year-old girl sitting directly across from me. A kid with ton of dark curly hair that she stole from her dad.

Not long ago she tested her will against mine and angrily told me that I am the enemy of women.

I told her that refusing to buy a new pair of shoes didn’t make me an enemy and she listed off three other things that I have done wrong.

Apparently that includes destroying a bathroom for generations, or maybe it is more accurate to say for not being embarrassed about having made the toilet cry.

“Sorry kid, when you have IBS and are lactose intolerant things are going to happen–stay out of my bathroom and you won’t have to worry about it.”

She rolled her eyes at mean and ignored my “I love you” or at least I thought she had. I learned differently when I heard her call back from the top of the stairs.

I’ll spare you and I from the details of what she said instead let’s say my baby girl is very much like her father. She has a very fine command of language and is fast on her feet.

Her retort made me wonder whether to laugh or be angry, it was questionable.

What isn’t questionable is how damn smart she is and how one day she may very well be better at all this than I am.

Did I mention she was asked to be part of some writing group.

Anyhoo, what is really going on here is she is still irked about having been forced to move to Texas.

Overall she has adapted well and already made a bunch of friends but it hasn’t made her forget what she left behind.


I suppose I could have used a different subhead than blogging is a game, especially when I am writing about my girl.

Could have come up with something different but that might have sent me in a different direction and I didn’t want that to happen.

Wanted to take a moment to tell you I am thinking hard again about the blogs I operate and how many I will or will not keep open.

Some can probably be combined and others that were supposed to be private have been compromised and I am not sure they need to keep going.

The funny thing about it is saying compromised as if putting something online is such a secret. Because if you post it online, well you better expect there is a chance someone might read it.

Anyway, what I am really thinking about is what I have done to monetize them and how it might be smart to consolidate so that I can better focus my efforts.

And of course I started thinking about this on the verge of having parents and in-laws in town because it is about to get crazy here.

Final Notes

When I left LA in August of 2016 I made a point of disposing of most of my furniture. I figured it would be cheaper to buy new stuff in Texas than to ship most of it.

So couches, chairs and a bunch of other stuff were sold, given away or just dumped.

Prior to the family moving out I lived in a one bedroom apartment and kept the bare minimum there.

One of my neighbors told me she thought I had the bachelor life down pat but suggested I could improve my place by buying a couch.

I said the recliner was good enough and that I didn’t want to buy furniture for a house I hadn’t moved into yet.

This past Monday night I looked around the house we are living in and decided that six months of not having a couch was enough.

We made our way through four stores and found a leather couch that I picked up and moved in today.

Two notes about said couch:

1) I am really excited about the couch. I guess that means I am old now, yay furniture.

2) I should have paid the$100 bucks for shipping. It was a pain-in-the-ass getting it inside.

I had to take the feet off and than put them back on again. It wasn’t particularly difficult doing that but it was cold and I was tired.

Going out to Egypt to pick up the couch from the warehouse was the last thing I wanted to do, but I did it.

And now I am going to stop writing so I can go sit on my couch and read.

See you around party people.

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