Your Friends Are Stupid

There may come a day when you wonder how someone you thought cared deeply about you could take the time to try to do something to hurt you.

A time when you shake your head in disbelief and ask if you are overreacting and or lack perspective because you feel so damn dumb.

A moment when you run your hands across your body to see if there is a physical wound or if it was all your imagination.

And somewhere during that you might come across a comment or two that was made and wonder if those comments were made with you in mind.

You might consider responding to said comment with a burning retort because you know a few secrets that will wound them all, but instead choose to remain silent.


Because even though you are almost ready to salt the earth and burn every bridge something tells you the smarter move is to not react rashly.

So all you do is mutter “your friends are stupid” and add with an edge, “if your goal was to hurt me you ought to be pleased, hope you feel the same as I do.”

It is not particularly Dylanesque but it is the best you have got and you hope your choice to think and not say it was the right one.

Some Of My Favorite Music

I can’t remember if I have been using Amazon Prime for five or six years but I can say I am one of the people that Jeff Bezos ought to thank.

Not because I spend so much on Amazon but because I do a good of pushing Amazon Prime as being a great resource.

The videos and music are two of my favorite components because I often find gold nuggets withing them.

Today the nugget of the moment is the playlist I have been listening to on and off for hours.

There are so many good songs on it, a bunch of which I don’t own, or at least didn’t own digital versions of until today.

Thanks to the magic of iTunes I picked several up, such as Across The Universe, Till Tomorrow, and All I Know.

That is in addition to the Chris Stapleton songs I picked up earlier this week.

So for those keeping score that is The Beatles, Don McLean and Art Garfunkel with the common thread being my focus on storytelling and songs that push that.


On the flip side I have spent more than a few minutes listening to songs that have a much harder edge and are better at pushing my blood pressure in a different direction.

Songs that help me dig out an extra push up or another rep of whatever dumbbell I am throwing around.

With 49 coming on hard it seems to me my window for screwing around with hard living is closing and I need to do something to kick thinks into a higher gear than they currently occupy.

Read that to mean, I don’t like how I feel and I am working on making the appropriate changes.

We Never Stop Learning

If Tom were here I’d thank him for the song and the reminder that we’re always learning something or other.

Hell, I’d ask him if he feels like every time he gets it figured out life mixes things up a little bit because I sure do.

I know that bit about learning to fly without wings first hand and hell I think there have only been a few smooth, let alone safe landings conducted by yours truly.

Most of the time I find a way to bounce and skid my way down the runway but am happy to say I have never skidded off of it…yet.

Yet doesn’t mean I am expecting to, it is recognition of the need to be humble enough to recognize it can still happen.

And that my friends is all you get tonight, you’ll have to wait for Paul Harvey to share the rest of the story.

See ya!

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