Sometimes You Have To Let People Go

I remember a conversation with the inimitable Lee Dumbass where I explained why I had no respect for dopey attorneys who had to prove their manhood by driving big trucks and hunting animals using guns.

“Yer just jealoush of mah skills.”

I wasn’t sure how to respond to that so I asked him if he had rich uncle who donated a building to the school that gave him his law degree.

“I have more respect for bow hunters but that probably wouldn’t change my mind about you. I’d still see you as someone who isn’t smart enough to cut his steak and will likely choke to death on the three pounds of ribeye he barbecued…poorly.”

As usual the dolt didn’t realize I was serious and told me I have to stop kidding around.

“You’re right. It is probably time to stop letting you waste my time. Same goes for a bunch of other people who aren’t being honest with me or with themselves. At least you have an excuse and with any luck one day your village will find you.”

Sometimes You Have To Let People Go

One of the hard lessons of life is finding out that some people who play big roles in your life make promises they won’t or can’t keep.

Sometimes they have good reasons for failing and sometimes they have none or at least none you can understand.

You may choose to hang on for a while and hope they come around but there are no guarantees and the smart person figures out that sometimes you have to let them go.

Sometimes you have to walk away because they aren’t good for you and you can’t keep eating the poison they feed.

Life isn’t always like the movies, sometimes heroes fail and the things that ought to become something serve as examples of unfulfilled potential.

So you have to figure out when you have had a enough and close up shop.

The funny thing about life is you can’t always predict or say whether closing up shop is for now or for always.

Most of us aren’t given true sight or any sort of mystical ability that allows us to see the future with real clarity.

At best we can make some good guesses and go about our business knowing we did the best we could.

Some people find it terribly uncomfortable to take those steps because they fear missing out on something special and think if they just hold on things might be different.

Well, there is truth in that, things might be different and things might not.

Sometimes you have to have the intestinal fortitude to move on and believe that you’ll find someone better or that perhaps your paths will intersect somewhere down the road.

15 Minutes

I received instructions to write for 15 minutes each day. The topic and focus didn’t matter but the time put in does.

So I am here just throwing random crap down upon the page to see what I come up with.

Most of what I have done lately has been a series of fragments and partially formed stories or ideas anyway.

It is all geared towards producing something bigger and better. To creating a tapestry of sight and sound inside your head using nothing more than words and pictures.

To that end I have been listening to a lot of Chris Stapleton lately primarily because he seems to do a fine job of writing and singing songs that tell a story.

And stories are the fabric of life and the way I am going to earn my living one day.

Stories about life, mine and yours told in a way that grabs you by the heart and keeps you hanging on to see what happens.

Tales that will make you forget about this half baked crap I toss on the page from time to time.

Got a few dreams and some ideas about how to make them happen. But first, some changes.

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