Teetering On The Edge Of Sanity

Got some fancy Vodka in a small glass on my left and a whole lot in the bottle to my right while the Fab Four flow through my ears.

Old Doc Google says the song I am listening to is as old as I am but even I know the topic they sing about is ancient.

Men have been writing singing and or crying about this for eons and unless humans change we always will.

It is not because of a lack of understanding of women because this thing we discuss is chemical and the reality is the best we ever get is a gut feeling.

A sense that there is some chemical reaction between us and another. A thing indescribable sense of understanding that we have found someone who gets us and is in turn gotten.

Why do I share this?

Because someone posed a question about whether a person can be a good writer if they haven’t suffered some sort of loss or heartbreak.

The idea being that suffering pushes you to be more introspective, reflective and creative than you might otherwise be.

I have my ideas about whether there is truth to that or if it is just something people say but I don’t think I am prepared to share them now.

Does Love Still Slumber?

Sometimes I wonder what George was like and whether he was irritated that John and Paul got more attention than him.

Sometimes I wonder what he would have to say about many things but I can’t ask him because he left us a while back.

Can’t ask him if he thinks things happen for a reason or if life is nothing but random experiences. Can’t ask him if he believes that love dies or if some loves simply slumber until they are reawakened.

That is ok with me because sometimes the best way to learn is to be put in a place where you have to search for and locate the answers yourself.

There is no substitute for active learning and when your mind is as active as mine that activity is a good thing.

It is why some describe me in terms like “and yet he persists.”


And in the midst of the great search for answers there are other questions I ask such as why so many of our children are suffering from anxiety and depression.

Why are so many in need of assistance and what have we don’t to create this situation.

Is it the 24 hour news cycle and the constant onslaught of information that overwhelms some or is it something else.

Are computers, tablets and phone a three headed Hydra that is wreaking havoc upon our young and if so, what do we do about it.

I am not certain about the answers to any of those questions which is why there are no question marks.

What I know is something is different from when I was in high school and it is not just one thing.

When I was 17 I was on the swim team, took a full load of classes and attended Hebrew High twice a week after school and on Sundays,.

But I still found time after school work was done to go hang with friends and or go on dates.

Maybe we are to blame for putting too much pressure on our kids or maybe it is a combination of things.


If you are not careful you might put yourself in a position to take a hard look at the choices you have made and realize you settled for less than you deserve.

When that happens you’ll have to decide if you want to try and make the best of it or if you need to cut your losses and move on.

This I know from personal experience and though it was a bitter realization it is better to be aware and awake than to pretend.

Better to caress what you always knew was a part of you and make it grow knowing that in order to do so you have to say goodbye to some things and some people.

Growth is sometimes painful but it is a good thing.

There are no hellos until you say goodbye.

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