Do You Get Moore In Alabama?

I don’t yell Roll Tide or War Eagle because the SEC doesn’t play real football. They like to pretend they do, but they really don’t.

It is kind of like the dopey wife of Roy Moore talking about how they have a ‘Jew Attorney’ and fellowship with rabbis.

Well, let me tell you she is not trying to be folksy or exude Southern Charm and prove her bona fides as a friend of the Members Of The Tribe ‘cuz our friends don’t talk about the Jew attorney or throw out rabbis as a collective description of people.

I can’t say for certain that she is antisemitic or that her husband is. Hell, I can’t say he is a pedophile because I don’t know that for a fact.

But what I do know is if he is not, he is sort of dancing around the precipice of something that makes me uncomfortable and even if it is proven that he doesn’t like little girls he is still bad.


Because he has espoused beliefs that are abominable but I am not here to get into that. I am just happy to hear that it appears we probably won’t see more of Moore so we won’t have any more of this.

When Is An Ex Not An Ex

That was going to be the title of this post but the Chanukah miracle/gift of Moore getting Jonesed distracted me.

Or maybe it is the news that my kids will have four grandparents running around the Metroplex soon.

Yeah, that could be it, might have to do a couple of shots to prepare for that one. Hell, it will be nice but it is going to get loud around here.

Not that it wasn’t already, I am surprised the neighbors didn’t come check on us cuz the kids were laughing so hard it almost sounded like shrieking.

That is the kind of thing you never get to see enough of, pure joy on their faces and as they get older it only gets harder.

Blame that on being a teen and trying to figure out where to fit in or blame it on having a father who can always find the Joker in the deck.

You’re Back

When you live in the bible belt you shouldn’t be surprised if the schools and institutions take a different approach to the holidays.

Since I am confident my children know who they are I am relatively relaxed about a lot of it and let a lot of things go.

There are trees and decorations galore and ample signage around to make sure we don’t forget what time of year it is.

I didn’t flip out and ask for it to be taken down or ask for equal billing. I just let it be because it doesn’t seem to be harming anyone.

But I draw the line at songs that definitely cross into praising deities. You can do that outside of public schools, but within, nah.

Not going to fly.

I had a couple of friendly conversations about it and it appeared that things were settled and then it looked like they might not be.

So I think someone was a little surprised when I didn’t just disappear.

I think they expected I could be pacified and that is true in many cases, but not this one. Nah, not going to just disappear and not going to to just fade away.

It is not my style, I don’t just go away, not when it is important.

It is a good teaching moment for the kids. It is a chance to see how you work on implementing change by being firm and polite.

And it is a chance to see what happens when you need to dig your heels in.

Consider mine dug.

I’d write more but this post isn’t flowing as freely as I would like so I think I’ll end it here. Probably better off writing fiction tonight.

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  1. winersusan December 13, 2017 at 9:40 am

    It only took Mrs Moore 36 seconds to prove that she and Howdy Doody (goofily smiling behind her) are not only antisimetic, but stupid. Glad the Moores won’t be in the news any longer.

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