I See Through You- No You Don’t

For the second time in a year someone responded to something I said with an aggressive “I See Through You.”

And just like the first time I shook my head and wondered if it had occurred to them that it would be far easier to grab drink and ask me some questions rather than assume they knew something.

Because in both situations they may have bumped against the truth but that scrape didn’t provide real insight or knowledge.

But I’ll give them credit for not being morally bankrupt, willfully blind and or stupid like some of the Roy Moore and Trump supporters.

You don’t have to agree or like what I say nor believe me when I say that is me being kind and gentle towards you.

It might not describe all of those who support them but it covers a broad enough swath for me to say  I don’t recognize parts and pieces of the country.

I See Through You- No You Don’t

Some of y’all have this idea have written, commented or called me about what you think I am writing about.

Every single one of you has been wrong and it isn’t because I am playing a game. I intentionally haven’t provided a story that is easy to follow.

You won’t find a beginning, middle or end nor will you be able to identify a protagonist or villain.

Do they exist?

Sure, but I am not saying more than if you think you are the villain, well maybe you are.

Music Break

The song below reminds me of my first apartment and talks about home. It is kind of fun.

This one reminds me of being a kid,

So does this one

Not The Same Old Conversation

I spoke with my father today and as he asked me how my prostate is doing I realized I wasn’t in Kansas anymore.

Guess we are a long way off from the days when he would tell me to treat girls well and be smart, meaning ‘don’t get anyone pregnant.’

Sorry dad, I knocked her up and now you are a grandfather which is the primary reason you are heading to Texas.

You want to see the grandkids.

Ok, I’ll make sure it is clear, we were married when she got pregnant, had been for years.

Had been long enough that my inlaws and parents had moved from the “be smart” advice to “you’ll never feel like you have enough money so give us grandkids any time speeches.”

I might have exaggerated some of that stuff, or maybe not.

But not the bit about the prostate or the other health questions that felt like a cross between a Viagra commercial and a Seinfeld bit.

What Kind Of Man Are You?

The guy that posed that question didn’t expect me to come at him because I had already said I don’t like confrontation.

I guess he failed to understand that my words didn’t indicate I am afraid of it because I am not.

Hell if y0u know me well or have spent time reading the nonsense I post here you probably know that already.

If I am guilty of anything in recent times it has been trolling some of the aforementioned Trump/Moore supporters.

Well, it is not solely trolling, some of it is me trying to reach the lurkers and undecided folks who might wonder if a couple of the women who have accused Trump and Moore of bad behavior are telling the truth.

I tend to think it is more than a couple but in an effort to suss things out with others I sometimes say a couple.


Well everyone agrees one is too many and in a time when we are so divided it is easy to let the polarization drive our thoughts.

So circle back to the question of what kind of man/father I am and the answer is the kind that wants his children to see sometimes you have to stand up and be counted.

It’s tied into why I am making a bigger effort to be involved in some things that might not have.

For example, I tend to try to attend the Jewish events here with more frequency than I did in LA.


Because the community is far smaller and in some ways the support is more important. But also because the non-Jewish community here needs to know we are around and regular people.

It is also a lot easier to ask for more inclusion and less exclusion during the holiday season when they see you around and recognize you’re just as human as they are but have different beliefs.

Final Note

There is a nice Scotch with my name on it and after the week I had I need it.

It is time to make like the passionate shepherd and push the sheep to move along or move out of the way.

More to come later, or not.

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