The Unexpected Run

Some things are unexpected but you don’t think twice about how a chance encounter could lead to one of the great adventures of your life.


Because on the deepest, most intimate level you recognize something and it doesn’t matter if you can explain it because you get it in whatever gut level way speaks to you.

It is a synaptic connection and that is good enough for you. It makes it easy to watch some movies and smile because it fits that goofy guy inside.

But sometimes you pull the joker not once, but twice and you discover a different sort of lightning strike has taken place.

This time you don’t play the game as just a man but as dad and the stakes are so very different.

It is a different sort of run and you force yourself to remember we all take separate paths but it is not easy.

You want to be like Bond and know there is always going to be a solution ‘cuz you are the epitome of cool.

Calm and collected you do what needs to be done and it always works out.

But you are not Bond and sometimes heroes fail.

Pandora And Her Box

It is funny to think Pandora and her box.

Funny to think about how I stuck my hand where others suggest I don’t and all that came with it and after.

I called down the lightning and danced to the beat of the thunder. Wasn’t particularly graceful but I lumbered about with and without accompaniment.

The unexpected and unsought caught me and never let go.

That is what happens when you dance in the fire and learn to embrace all that comes with it. You fan the flames and revel in what comes.

It is very different than the second race which at times is no different than running barefoot through broken glass.

And just when you think you might have found the finish line you discover you haven’t but you have found a pool of Tabasco sauce you need to wade through.

We don’t choose every encounter or have the ability to predict all that will come.

All we can do is try to sail through the storms and avoid the rocks. Forward, the answers are found ahead and not behind.

Behind just lays out missed opportunities alongside trophies that mark past victories.

One hand pulls you up and over and one foot follows the other.  Use experience to gain wisdom to apply against the knowledge earned.

And run hard, so very…hard.


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