You’re Trapped In Trump’s America

I am sitting at a table watching my children play a Wii or Xbox game together.

Less than a decade ago I wouldn't be guessing because they were little and hadn't grown into teens who are tall and broad enough to block my view of the television.

Much has changed since then and some of it is so dramatic I wouldn't believe it if I wasn't living it, but I am.

Headphones on I listen to a mix of music that encompasses my entire life searching for a song or two that provide insight and or inspiration.

Goodbye my love
Maybe for forever
Goodbye my love
The tide waits for me
Who knows when we shall meet again
If ever
But time
Keeps flowing like a river (on and on)
To the sea
To the sea

Time- The Alan Parsons Project

You're Trapped In Trump's America

If I am to believe what I read on Facebook and Twitter you and I are trapped in Trump's America with trapped being the operative word.

It is not a word most if not all of his supporters would use.

Many refuse to question anything he says or does and believe that he is the Jesus of the political world.

And like any good reality television show there are ample numbers who have no issue with labeling him as Satan.

You won't find me using either term to describe him but I worry Ozymandias might be accurate. We're not quite there yet and there is hope we won't reach that place.

But I am not exaggerating when I say I fear we have given the keys to the car to a belligerent drunk who is determined to prove he is a better drunk driver than you and I when sober.

Entitled, provincial and devoid of common courtesy he lumbers from place to place and moment to moment with no plan other than to toot his own horn.

An insecure man who made a point to tell us how big his hands are and would have no compunction at telling you he defecates larger, smellier and grander than anyone else.

Not because it is true or useful but because he cannot tolerate being second at anything which is why he lies about so many things.

I don't think he is even aware of how many falsehoods he spreads and because his supporters cheer him on he has no boundaries.

Just look at the way he goes after people on Twitter. Ask yourself how a man who is called a draft dodger by many feels entitled to go after someone else about his combat record. Doesn't matter whether it is real or fake, someone with social graces wouldn't do that.

Especially when it just reminds everyone that Trump didn't serve and opens up opportunity to recite the grand list of falsehoods and exaggeration he lives on.


Except it doesn't seem to matter how many times he lies because his supporters forgive him.  Lucky for us Donnie Do-nothing recognizes that so he continues to lead by dividing.

That is why he keeps pushing the fake news bit because so few are willing to engage in fact checking and because he has promoted a fake premise.

One that says bad people are determined to remove him and that his supporters must fight them. They musn't think or ask if there might be truth to the charges.

What Will Mueller Find?

I keep thinking about the quote above as it relates to certain people.

I keep wondering if I should trust my gut and believe they are unaware of the bad actions of a stalker who either doesn't recognize that I see where he is going and what he is doing or just doesn't care.

I keep wondering how some friends and family forgive this oaf in office and believe that Mueller should be fired or step down because it is a witch hunt.

If Trump is innocent he ought to open his doors and books and invite Mueller to look around. That would provide more comfort for all parties.

But he hasn't and instead he has done things to further the division among us.

It makes me wonder what will happen if Mueller starts to find things that are truly damaging? Will the drunk at the wheel intentionally drive the car into a concrete barrier or start dropping bombs with reckless abandon?

It could be very ugly and when you are stuck in Trump's America you either worry about this or cheer his bad behavior on.

And it is bad behavior.

A president should never say things about fellow US citizens like he tweeted:

Donnie, we don't work for you, You WORK for America.

In fairness, I have spoken with some Trump supporters who don't like his use of social media and wish he knew how to be civil.

They still think he is better than Hillary would have been but they'll tell you his bullying and bluster doesn't make them happy.

My kids aren't so little anymore and are very aware of the world around them.

I am doing my best to help teach them what they need to know to grow up to be self sufficient members of society who know how to get along and go along.

But the current crap isn't helping much.

If Trump remains in office I pray I am proven wrong about him but nothing yet has given me much if any reason to believe that to be so.

Reminds me of a guy from the past we called Lee Dumbass.

He always thought he was much smarter and more clever than everyone else and maybe he was. The thing was smart and clever never quite worked out the way he expected it to.

I am an optimist but I have realistic expectations and am prepared to deal with what comes.

Do I want Trump out?

Yes,  I do.

But if it happens before the end of his term I want it to be Constitutionally sound because there will be lots of presidents after him and whatever happens now affects the future.

Part of our job requires being laser focused on the present and part of it is on setting things up so that our kids have the same or better opportunities as we have.

Got to run now, got a monster project for work that I have to get back to working on.

See you around.

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