You Gave Me The Scissors

Midnight approaches and I sit in the dark humming People Get Ready, got to take the edge off and soothe an irritated soul.

Have said more than once that I am particularly intolerant of being berated and or treated like an idiot.

Made a point to spell out that intentionally pressing my buttons and or testing me is a good way to find out I go from zero to 60 in milliseconds.

If you don’t value me or want me around than I encourage that sort of behavior because I’ll go, I am not afraid of ghosts but I don’t have any interest living with them either.

If I go it is because you gave me the scissors and if you did so, well it is unlikely I’ll forget.

Tevye’s Staircase

I am going to buy a washer and dryer tomorrow.

That may not sound exciting to you but it is six years since I last owned a set and it sort of feels like I am building Tevye’s staircase.

You’d think that after making such an announcement I’d want to tell you I am singing Miracle of Miracles but I have The Hustle playing, which is probably more appropriate.

Anyhoo, I haven’t done laundry in a month so I am looking forward to having the aforementioned washer and dryer in the house so I can rectify that.

Relax, when I say I haven’t done laundry in a month it doesn’t mean I haven’t had clean clothes because my dry cleaner did me a favor and washer my underwear and socks as well as my normal order.

And relax a second time because this excitement about doing laundry isn’t a permanent state of mind.

It is recognition that my hard work has paid off and there have been some rewards from it.

That is a good thing and something I can share with my kids as a proof of the benefit of hard work, not that they will see a washer/dryer as being that special.

But one can hope, teaching moments abound.

Frume Sarah Has Arrived

I can neither confirm nor deny having had a dream in which I heard PEARLS, PEARLS, PEARLS and a threat or two besides.

Nor can I tell you if I really did walk with my grandfathers and a couple of other guests who provided their own commentary and insight about what to do now and in the present.

Instead I’ll say I have always appreciated how Tevye used this dream to encourage Golda to reconsider her position on the wedding.

The Beatles Were Wrong

John, Paul, George and Ringo were wrong, love isn’t all you need.

It is a nice idea, a pipe dream we like to present to ourselves and each other because it sounds good and feels good.

But it is just not true, it all takes a little bit more or you hit the wall and sometimes the wall hits back.

The question then is what should we say and what should we advise. What counsel should we give to those who need it more than they can ever realize.

Maybe quote Nowhere Man or maybe go a different direction and talk about an ordinary man who made the grade.

Perhaps he’ll find a way to move from ordinary to extraordinary or maybe not, just remember you gave him the scissors.

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  1. Larry July 18, 2017 at 6:27 pm

    Congrats on joining the ranks of owners of a washer and dryer. It’s definitely something I take for granted since we bought a house. It’s just convenient.

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