Dreams, Wishes & Realities

Sometimes you experience moments where you know if you had been hooked to a monitor it would have moved from the steady rhythmic beat to that awful flat line noise.

Some of us speak figuratively knowing that we use it for descriptive purposes whereas the guy who gave us 50 percent of our DNA really did set it off.

Of course said there is much gratitude because said man didn’t like what he saw on the other side and came back here to hang out some more.

And with that, a quick music break.

Dreams, Wishes & Realities

Can’t say it is solely the music that prompted certain thoughts but I have been thinking about dreams, wishes and realities.

I know the difference between them but don’t wish to wander in a semantic wilderness and wasteland.

Instead I say I have lived certain dreams and been forced to face the consequences that come along with them.

I have dealt with harsh realities and taken the time to wonder if there was a way to make a wish into something more,

Sometimes it seems so very simple and I am certain that if an opportunity came it would be easy to make it into something more than just thought and hope.

Certain the requirement was nothing more than the right combination of words and maybe a little magic under a moonlit sky.

Hard not to look at that and see it as being possible, if not probable.

Sometimes the air you breathe isn’t as sweet as it once was and you find yourself choking and confused.

And sometimes that confusion leads you to the place you had to go so that you could make it to where you were meant to go or something like that.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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