Who Stole My Underwear

Sometimes you run into past lovers in odd and unexpected places but you never think to ask them to tell you where your underwear is.


Because they don’t have a clue where it is and if they do you ought to be nervous because it means they are stalking you.

It is a little after 11 and my endless day keeps going on because moving is never as easy as it ought to be, even when you have moved 7 times in five years.

Even when you are organized and good at it because stupid things happen, like you discover the movers have hidden the dresser you use to keep your clean underwear.

And you curse their names and threaten to unleash lightning upon them because you are desperate to take a shower and you want clean underwear.

But you can’t find it and you don’t currently own a washer/dryer so you can’t even clean the damn pair you are wearing.

Damn, might as well send them to shop for wine at Target with the hicks, rednecks and peasants.

Bite Me Al

I know I am in rare form tonight. I am in the kind of mood that makes me want to punch mimes and slap Mr. Rodgers for wearing the wrong color sweater.

It is because I have hit overwhelm and am between complete confidence and utter fear.

Can’t decide if this is the smartest or dumbest thing I have ever done in large part because of the many unknowns that exist right now.

I have a bunch of stuff going on and have some things that could turn out to be amazing., The kind of stuff where some people are going to ask me how I pulled it off and I’ll just say I know things.

If they push I’ll tell them I had good teachers and worked hard, but between you and me it is mostly because I have busted my ass but I’d rather not say that to them.

Mostly because I hope they just might recognize my efforts on my own, but then again, that might not be the smart move.

Might need to be the squeaky wheel.

But before I get to that point I have to somehow finish this move and get a little more organized. I feel like I am in the center or Horder Haven.

Man do I own books, maybe too many.

I blame Al for that too and my need to wear plaid with stripes while working on very sophisticated math equations.

The Changing Of Sunlight To Moonlight

Straight from Simon to Marmalade and maybe to Rod Stewart and Young Turks.

Many changes and more to come all around me have me betwixt and between excitement and concern.

It is Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride and I am just hanging on for dear life hoping that some people realize I have done all I am capable of doing to fulfill certain promises and to go beyond.

If it is not enough, well it is not enough and I’ll live with it, but I’ll do so knowing I did my best.

Not everyone does that, some fall short and make excuses.

I just can’t live that way, which reminds me, I have to go because I have to do more work on this place tonight.

Can’t take the chaos. Man, I am changing, that never used to bother me, but too much clutter grates on my nerves now.

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