The Promises We Make & The Promises We Keep

Life in Texas means you run into all kinds of people ranging from the born and raised full size pick up driving Texan to the guy from the midwest who moved here because he got tired of shoveling snow six months out of the year.

It means you encounter the bible thumper, the atheist and the five people who don’t quite fit into either category either.

And this mix of people gives you a blend of political backgrounds and beliefs that helps put you in situations in which you are 100 percent aligned or against those you are speaking with.

Of course it isn’t always so black and white as to say you agree/disagree with everything but there are moments where it feels that way.

Moments where you cannot help but think about the promises we make and the promises we keep. Or maybe there is no relationship between the two.

Maybe it is just my having just finished season 5 of House of Cards that has me looking cross eyed at some people and wondering how they can so easily promise one thing and do another.

Monkey Business

I am listening the Civil Wars sing Barton Hollow and thinking about how much I like this song. It is a mix of folk and blues that I find particularly enjoyable.

Mostly vocals and guitar which leads me to think they would probably be pretty good live.

Spent the last few days spitting blood, breathing fire and shooting fire from my mouth so I have tried to avoid interacting with people.

There have been a few who haven’t allowed me to avoid engagement who have learned it is not a good time to test me because I am happy to lower my horns to gore and trample you.

That is definitely not the kind of monkey business I want to be involved in and certainly not what they want either.

No one really needs to hear me bellow at them about the stupid lies they tell.


Anyhoo I am still working on constructing a video montage and haven’t been happy with the quality of the work I have produced.

Well, that is not entirely true.

I think the templates have come out pretty well but the free hand work isn’t quite flowing with the sort of quality and grace that I want.

It would probably be wise to ask one or two people to take a look at it so that I can get their opinion as to whether I have missed the mark or not.

There is a distinct possibility that it might be better than I think and given how many things are going on right now it would be foolish not to get someone who has perspective I don’t have.

Perspective, it is something that is easier to come by when you are not juggling chainsaws and torches.

And now for a different sort of music break.

And one more because I love these lyrics

Leaves were falling,
just like embers,
In colors red and gold,
they set us on fire
Burning just like moonbeams in our eyes.

Ask about the promises we make and the promises we keep and I guarantee I have written a few things that have moved people like this music.

Maybe not on the same scale, but I have done it and I am proud of that.

But I am not done, not by a long shot.

Certain promises are burned upon my memory and I go the distance and do what must be done until I am convinced no more work is required.

Well folks, the ride is about to get really bumpy so I am going to buckle in and hold on because Mr. Toad has taken the damn wheel.

It is all going to look different soon, but hell if I know how that will render or manifest itself.

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