As Dead As Dead Can Be

I lay on the floor and wondered how long this funny feeling would last and if it was something I ought to be concerned about.

Because one moment I felt fine and the next…not so much.

It was as if all of the energy had been sucked out of me so I lowered myself from the chair and lay on the carpet hearing wondering who was singing Danny Boy.

The television wasn’t on, nor was the stereo, computer or any other electrical device so the music was either in my head or coming from aliens in space.

As Dead As Dead Can Be

I closed my eyes and figured whatever this was would pass because these things always do and I mulled over what would happen if it didn’t pass.

No one comes here but me and if no one called the manager it might be a while before someone found me.

I was a sweaty mess when I got back from my walk so even if they found me quickly I’d probably smell pretty ripe and if it took a while, well it might rival the morning after too much ice cream

Anyway don’t let this worry you because whatever it was didn’t last, probably just low blood sugar or something similar because I feel fine now, and no, this doesn’t happen with regularity.

But I thought about the possibilities because that is what a good writer does, he/she thinks about life and situations.


A couple of weeks ago when the young master was here visiting me we had a conversation in which I reminded him that his old man would always do what he could to protect him.

During our talk he told me thought if I wasn’t shot in the head there might be a chance I would get whomever it was, but he couldn’t guarantee it.

I told him if my children were are risk it wasn’t a question of if I would get him or them and he said he wasn’t so sure about that.

Part of me felt a little sad that he wasn’t sure not because he doesn’t see me as superman anymore, but because you hope you can give your kid that extra boost forever.

Well, mostly you hope they won’t always need it but if they do, well it is nice to know you can give it.

Sometimes I Miss Roy

The man could sing, dude had a voice that could be haunting.

I think the first time I saw the video was on MTV, back when they played music videos.

Must have been around 1992 or so, which means that sucker is about 25 years old.

I suppose it means that Jason Priestly and Jennifer Connelly are pretty damn old now, maybe I am too. 😉

Reminds me that my 30th high school reunion is coming up but I won’t be going because they scheduled it for a couple of weeks after my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah.

Won’t be anyway to get enough vacation time to go back out for that one and I am not sure that I want to.


I am not sure who I am not in touch with that I want to be in touch with again.

You can say some of this is tied into my current feelings about people who are friends in name only and you can say I am not convinced it is worth the $100 bucks it costs for the night.

If some people heard I had died they would say it is a shame, tilt one back and never think of me again.

Can’t say that is particularly inspiring or motivating.

But I can’t say I am not sort of curious to go and catch up with a few, maybe talk to some people I never talked to in high school.

Not because of cliques or because any of us were unfriendly but because sometimes your schedule and interests helped dictate who you hung out with.

I was on the swim team and the newspaper so consequently I spent a lot of time with other swimmers and journalism students.

It was cool and I have no regrets, but I find people interesting and I sort of wonder what some people from the hood have done with themselves.

We had similar paths and then we split–what came next for them?

Back In Chicago

A buddy in Chicago told me he is looking forward to Spring because it is about 31 and I laughed.

It has been in the 80s or so here in Texas and I love it, reminds me of LA and though the weather overall isn’t as good here I am cool with it.

I love the heat and I’ll always take it over cold.

Remind me to thank my parents for not choosing to live in Chicago or some other midwestern town.

I am sure they have their positive attributes but snow should be something you visit and not live in.

Anyhoo, my friend says I ought to fly out for a visit and I promised to head out that way, not sure when, but some time.

In the interim he is welcome to come where it is warm.

He laughed and said he’d think about it and said I make a good ninja when it is cold.

“You’re hard to find, practically invisible.”

“Nah, not hard to find at all. People know how to reach me and cold is not a problem. If I wanted to adjust to it I could, but it is not something I need or have to do so…”

It is time to end these musings, but instead of closing with Roy you can have Paul and Art.

Or you can keep reading and imagine me singing Danny Boy, but I don’t know if you really want to do that to your ears. 😉

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