Pointless Posts You Won’t Read By Social Media Liars

Somewhere between writing about The Stonehenge Of Texas and another piece you won’t have seen there came another note.

The writer and message will remain unnamed and unmarked because I choose to respond to their desperate attempt to get my attention with an almost acknowledgement.

You know the sort of vague remark that makes them think that perhaps I am talking about them but doesn’t give them the satisfaction that would come with full acknowledgement.

Let them wonder where they stand, assuming they have any standing at all with me.

Pointless Posts You Won’t Read By Social Media Liars

I don’t spend much time any more lambasting the social media liars for the pointless posts they write or the echo chambers they live in.

For a time it was useful and helped to generate some cash and opportunities that might not have otherwise come but I find less interest in such things today.

During this particular moment in time it is more fun and more interesting to just write about whatever happens to cross my mind and to try to do so with a sort of unfiltered honesty.

You know the kind of thing where you say some friends haven’t acted like good friends but wonder out loud if perhaps there is a disconnect.

Maybe it is you, maybe it is me or maybe it is both of us or all of us.

The thing is we are all busy and we all have crazy stuff going on in our lives and there are things you won’t ever know without having a conversation.

I hold myself to the same standard and ask if I am the one who could or should be reaching out.

Maybe yes and maybe no.

The funny thing about people is in some cases it won’t make a damn bit of difference because we’ll always be friends and with others, well gardens die if you don’t water them.

You Sound Angry

Some have written in and told me I sound very angry but very few have ever asked why.

The funny thing is I am probably not as angry as some might think and far more than others know.

There are people who I can’t stay angry with and some who have forever earned my scorn.

I am looking at you Joey, you rolled a tire on top of me in kindergarten and one day I shall return the favor. Remember that when we’re 108 and I use my cane to fight off your great-grandchildren and six cops while screaming ‘I want an apology.”

Don’t forget to ask yourself how seriously you ought to take fifteen minutes worth of writing.


I have been reading much of what Dan Rather has had to say about our current Paranoid Leader of Presidential Incompetence.

It is interesting to see how many people respond to Rather’s commentary with slams and slurs.

And it is hard to imagine how some cannot be more upset about the implications and picture that is being painted.

Those who chanted “lock her up” and cried about corruption and how horrible she would be have gone deaf and blind.

Or alternatively have decided to hang with the side that separates news into positive spin and fake.

My old man and I talked about whether Spicer and Conway have trouble getting up to go to work each day or whether they jump out of bed with joy.

Interestingly enough it coincided with my having made it to a farm in Tyler, Texas where the waft of the cows gifts made me roll up the car windows.

Think About It

My baby rolled her eyes at me when I told her the airlines didn’t think she was old enough to fly alone.

“Dad, I am capable of flying from LA to Texas by myself. All you need to do is pay for a ticket and I’ll come hang out with you. We’ll get some father/daughter time.”

I nodded my head and she continued.

“Besides, I don’t want you making friends for me. I can do that myself.”

I laughed and told her I didn’t try to do any such thing.

Her remark was in reference to a conversation I had with a 15 year-old girl a few weeks back.

I told my daughter about her and that I thought she was very nice and that they would get along well if they met.

Daughter wasn’t really complaining about my conversation but instead was remarking on being a little nervous about the move.

I get it and I understand.

I also understand the airlines want another $150 or so for my girl to fly unaccompanied, which is almost like purchasing 1.5 tickets.


Anyhoo, in the midst of a different conversation she asked me if it is hard to be so damn old and I laughed.

She didn’t believe me when I told her I don’t feel particularly old or that I am often surprised to see my reflection.

It reminded me of a different conversation with a friend of mine who pointed out that it is possible one or more of our contemporaries could die within the next 20 years.

“They’d still be a bit young, but 20 years or so puts us in our late sixties, early seventies. It is not ridiculous to take stock now and consider if we are living the lives we want to live.”

He is right, it is not ridiculous but I do wonder if such thought is considered part of a mid-life crisis or just planning.

Big decisions will need to be made soon.

Things that have no clear right or wrong path will need to be sorted soon and I can feel their approach.

Time will demonstrate the result of the choices we make and those that follow.

Part of me dreads it all and part of me can’t wait, transitions and chapters to be experienced and moved upon.

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