About Your Politics Free Facebook

The emails and comments come in, “hope this doesn’t trigger your soft feelings snowflake, but you aren’t special and a new day has come.”

Doesn’t take any particular genius or expertise to sense the mocking tone behind the words or to miss the gloating.

Add the words that come from others about how they want a politics free Facebook and that maybe we ought to remember no one has ever used a Facebook post to sway opinion.

I don’t bother responding to those or send pictures of me rolling my eyes because they aren’t worth my time and they clearly don’t recognize that “triggering” could be a synonym for “motivating.”

I can’t speak for others but I am angry and frustrated about some things that have nothing to do with politics and happy to focus my energy upon something else.

About Your Politics Free Facebook

The personal situation fuels my fire because I can’t do anything more than I have done to change it.

And if you really know me well you know that is not me saying I am giving up, it is me saying I am going to pace and circle around it while I look for other ways to change it.

In the interim it is impossible not to be concerned about the potential mischief and malfeasance by morons in office.

I fail to understand why some people think it is wise not to take action and try to prevent those who do not have the collective good in mind from doing as they wish unopposed.

That doesn’t mean blanket opposition to every step or action but it does mean a willingness to push back upon the things we do not think serve the republic.

It is not a right, it is an obligation and part of the reason we’re in this mess is because of those who shirk their responsibility to vote and expect to partake of all of the benefits of living here.

I may disagree with how some chose to vote, but I respect their having done so.

So consider this my saying if you want a politics free Facebook to unfriend, unfollow, or mute me.

I won’t lose any sleep over it and you shouldn’t either.

Smarter Choices

I walked 5 miles and spent time in the gym lifting on Saturday morning and by the time the afternoon rolled around I was riding quite the adrenaline high.

Can’t remember the last time I felt as good physically and mentally so I decided to treat myself to some Epic Gelato and coffee in Flower Mound.

It was outstanding and it was a big mistake.

Lactose intolerance doesn’t quite describe the carnage that came late last night and lasted until early Sunday morning.

I could have sealed some of the borders and or taken out entire brigades of ISIS fighters all by myself.

An untrained expert in biological warfare I wreaked havoc upon the land and with that I’ll leave the land of TMI and say I am grateful for the herbal tea I used to tame the beast.

The experience serves as a good reminder there are smarter choices that could have been made, but I took it on knowing there would be some consequences.

There is a big difference between suffering because you chose to do something and suffering because you decided not to.

Luck plays a big role in life, but so does work.


I really should be packing now and if not that, well I should be filing.

If not filing, well I should be organizing and working on some other items on my To-Do list but I am not.

I am clearly writing and debating whether to go for my walk or to see a movie.

The laundry will still get done and the other key things on list will to, but few if any are as important as focusing on doing things  that provide physical and mental healthcare.

The benefits of exercise and not constantly running from place to place are huge.

A simple time out to recharge our batteries goes a long way.

Did I mention I want to take a nap? Maybe I’ll sleep on the plane.


That reminds me that on my last plane ride someone on there must have eaten some gelato because they unleashed hell upon us.

There was no respite or refuge and I desperately wished I had chosen to bring some Vicks Vapor rub in my back.

I would have rubbed a bunch on my lip and if need be shoved it directly into my nostrils.

It was bad.

Speaking of bad, I can’t stomach listening Leaving On a Jet Planet. That song was overplayed in my youth, makes my ears bleed.

That freight train Metallica sings about makes me smile because more than a few people have compared my ability to be subtle with a freight train.

It is a fair comparison because I tend not to worry about subtlety but then again if you ask my daughter I am the stealthiest ninja.

Might be smarter, nicer or better not to use extremes, but sometimes that is just how I roll.


The thunder rolls, light flashes across the sky and the pitter-patter and tapping splish-splash sound fills my mind.

Changes are coming again and the best we can hope to do is just roll along with them.

No sense in pushing the river because the water will flow through, under, over and around your fingertips anyway.

Better to ride the wave and harness its energy.

Baby we were born to run.

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