Not Ready To Set The Table

Elvis joined me on the first walk of the day.

Suspicious Minds, If I Can Dream and then Always On My Mind helped me forget I wanted to take a nap and pushed me far enough afield that I kept going.

Stopped to stare at the clouds in the sky and tried to clear my mind of thoughts of other people and places and laughed when the Elvis marathon kept going.

I Just Can’t Help Believin’ filled my ears and I tried to remember the last time I heard it.

Couldn’t say and then James Taylor replaced Elvis and I listened to him sing about Suzanne.

Made me smile because I remember being 15 and thinking it was a bittersweet song never imagining how much better I would understand and appreciate it in the future.

Do What You Are Born To Do

A few people have told me they know what I was born to do and every time it was said I listened.

The last time when I was told I was born to write I might have even heard what they said.

Hell, I probably heard everything and missed nothing but I won’t open that particular door right now because it is a different sort of conversation.

Instead I’ll tell you it is funny thinking about how many different times I thought I knew exactly what I was supposed to do and how many times life laughed at me.

Don’t mistake that to be bitter or sad because it is not. It is just an acknowledgement my path has never been as straight line.

It zig zags and moves in a giant spiral that can create a certain amount of confusion but I have learned to move with it.

And I figure that anyone who is interested in being a part of my world will share the fun of walking through Wilner’s Funhouse.


Since Elvis has been hanging with me today I thought I’d share his cover of Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Want Versus Need

Almost everything I own is here in Texas but the majority is in a storage facility about five miles away.

Given that it is Thanksgiving day and we are supposed to take stock of what is important I was thinking about it.

If I had unlimited resources I am certain I would live in a much bigger place than I do now.

It would have an amazing kitchen, study, gym, theater and a bunch of other stuff that I think would be fun.

But I don’t have unlimited resources so I look at how I choose to live at this moment and recognize I really don’t need a ton of stuff.

Got a bed, my favorite chair, iPhone, computers, television and books.

Aside from the people who are important to me those are the things that I find myself using the most and if I needed to, well I could pare down the.

What I am really saying here is I am grateful to have what simple needs and the ability to exceed them.

I’d like to have more cash because there are more experiences to be had.

There are train trips I want to take, vacations in Scandinavia, India, Africa and much more.

But when push comes to shove, I want the experience because memories last and possessions can be lost or taken.

Not Ready To Set The Table

Since I am not ready to set the table I am going to sign off and go for another walk.

Oh who I am I kidding, I am not going to set the table.

I’ll be wearing a fabulous t-shirt and shorts and watching a movie. If you think I am setting the table you really don’t know me.

Happy Thanksgiving, might come back and update here somewhere else later on, or maybe not. 🙂

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