Back In The Saddle Again

Sometimes when life has you feeling a little beat up the best thing you can do is get in and get out.

You know find a way to get back in the saddle and go for a ride and if you can, bring someone along with you.

Not my real car

We’re about to roll up on 52 weeks since I got to take that fine vehicle behind me out on the track.

If things go as scheduled there is a damn good chance I’ll get to go back to the track again.

It is certainly one of the better opportunities blogging has presented me with.

What I haven’t figured out yet is whether I’ll take the Ferrari Italia out again or try a different high end sports car.

This is the sort of dilemma we all should have.

Back In The Saddle Again

It was a busy day here in the new homeland.

Moved more stuff from the apartment into storage and organized some odds and ends around the house.

Spent a chunk of time working with a prospective client this past Friday and promised I’d try to find him at the beer garden at Oktoberfest.

Well I never did find him but I did find the beer and had I not been impatient might have actually grabbed one.

Started writing this before the debate between El Jefe Trump and Hillary Clinton and stopped to watch and listen.

Those of you who are Facebook friends either muted or cheered along with the live stream of my thoughts about the debate.

I even got a few messages from people who said they were surprised at how funny and witty I can be.

You ought to see what happens when I go after cleveland, especially their sports teams, some people absolutely love it.

Reminds me of an incident from a few years ago in which I received complaints about my writing and the subject.

I was told I am not funny and that I ought to be nicer.

Being the kind and sensitive fellow I am I sent them an invoice for reading and back dated it so there would be late fees.

Sadly they never paid it but I think they got the point that no one is forced to read my words and that sometimes you don’t want my attention.

Clink and Clank

Those of you who think you know me well might think you know why I have a Cheshire Cat like grin across my face.

I’m tempted to let it sit and not respond but tonight I am going to make like Trump and spill all of my thoughts about everything I know in a clear and comprehensive manner.

Or maybe it is more Trump like to jump from place to place without offering details, just opinion and thought.

Anyhoo, tonight I smiling because I started lifting again.

Two months after surgery I finally started throwing the weights around the gym and I feel awesome.

I am terribly sore and parts of me feel broken, but I am working on fixing everything.

Give me a little time and I’ll get things ship shape again, with or without assistance.

As part of that I am playing around with joining a Crossfit gym and looking into finding a new place to play ball.

New friends and new opportunities for a new year.

Got to run now and update some other writing spots and then hit the hot tub.

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