Who We Really Are

NASA just redid some Babylonian math and if their numbers are accurate it turns out some things have changed.

Don’t go losing your head about how Common Core and that new fangled new math have screwed things up because you are no longer a Taurus, Virgo or Aries ‘cuz your sign isn’t who you really are.

Or so I said to someone who told me they were upset by the changes. Can’t say I understand why they prefer to be a Cancer to a Leo but what do I know about these things.

Ok, since you ask I’ll say a smart Virgo always listens to a Taurus because sometimes they know a few things.

Did I mention I am 47 and it only took 35 years or so to get my father the Virgo to listen to my advice. 😉

That might be slightly exaggerated but what is not is knowing that sometimes it is worth having a real conversation with some people.

Ya know the face-to-face kind where you aren’t protected by your electronic devices.

Can you tell I am on a let’s get back to real conversation kind of kick.


Who We Are & Telemarketers

I haven’t had my own landline in five years now but I have had a personal cellphone for a little more than 20 years.

Funny thing is even though I have had my current number for 20 years I don’t get many telemarketers on it.

Typically the biggest issue I get are the people who tell me my area code can’t be 818 because it has to be 817.

That has to because 817 is one of the prevalent area codes here which reminds me my office cellphone area code starts with 214 so maybe I’ll give that out and stop this nonsense.

Anyhoo, I am not on the do-not-call list because sometimes I like talking to telemarketers because they can be entertaining.

Here is a short snippet from a recent call.

“Hello, I am Johnny Cash.”

“Like the singer?”

“No, I am the singer.”

“I thought you died.”

“It would be hard to speak with me if I was dead.”

Most of the time I play it straight with telemarketers and don’t give them a hard time but all things are possible if you catch me in the right mood or if they sound like they are on autopilot.

You should have heard the call where I convinced the guy to listen to me sing Lookin’ for Love or maybe you’re lucky you didn’t.

Probably didn’t sound like Johnny Lee but the guy on the other side was game and figured if he tried to stroke my ego I’d still buy.

“If I was a woman I’d definitely go home with you.”

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but I get the feeling you don’t look very good in a dress.”

“No sir, I do not.”

“Well if you ever look for another line of work you could take pictures of yourself in that dress and sell it online as a ‘poor man’s vasectomy,’ a birth control of sorts.”

If he hadn’t started laughing hysterically I probably would have felt badly because that was kind of mean, but he laughed so damn hard I am certain he ‘let one rip.’

At least that is what I think I heard, can’t say for certain because immediately following the mystery noise there was dead air.

I’ll never know for certain but I do wonder if he worked in a call center and what his coworkers thought.

If it happened with the Johnny Cash call I might have started singing Ring Of Fire, “And it burns, burns, burns…”

But it didn’t so…


Who We Really Are

I suppose if I wanted to be a singer I’d have a better chance of making a respectable version of Walk The Line than Make It With You but that is cuz David Gates’ voice is much too high.

Anyhoo, I took that shot above the other day and used Prisma to make a few adjustments to it.

I like the division between reality and that cartoon like quality on the right, feels appropriate right now.

That is ‘cuz this has to be the craziest presidential election I can remember seeing and or reading about.

But it also because of life in general because if the last 15 years or so have taught me anything it is that life is a series of evolution and adjustments.

When I go back through the years I can see who I once was and watch the progression of change and see how it has lead to who I have become.

It is a big part of why when my son or others tell me they think I want them to be who they once were I shake my head.

That is not what I am saying or asking.

It would be foolish and naive for me to think we all stay the same because we don’t.

The real question is are we spending our time with the people we can grow with or not.

Some roads end but only because no one looks to see if there is way to build and or extend.

Others don’t have any end in sight and you have to choose whether to keep walking or not.

But nothing is stagnant and I am confident that who I am today won’t be exactly who I am tomorrow, except for one thing.

I’ll still be a Taurus dammit and that’s no bull.

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