I Don’t Buy What You Are Selling

5 Songs

Secret World– Peter Gabriel
Visions Of Paradise– Mick Jagger
Chain Of Fools– Aretha Franklin
For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her– Simon & Garfunkel
With A Little Help From My Friends– Joe Cocker

I don’t know if I have ever held someone’s hand while walking on frosted fields of juniper and  lamplight, mainly because I don’t know what juniper looks like.

But I think I can relate to what Neil sings about in Brooklyn Roads because I am a guy who has dreams, some of which have come true and some of which I am still working upon.

Maybe that is part of why I have never completely bought into the stories some tell.

Maybe it is why I remind myself that buyers are liars and it is not always because they are trying to fool you.

Sometimes it is because they have told themselves a story so many times they have begun to believe it even when they really know it is not true.

Single Minded Of Purpose

I still can’t find that missing money clip nor can any of the places I visited yesterday so I am going to have to accept it is gone.

What I can’t accept is not being able to remember what cards were attached to it. I know it had my auto club and something else, but I can’t remember the what the else was.

I have tried multiple tricks to figure out what it could be. I pretended to be a Jedi knight and the Phantom Of The Opera but they failed to help me.

We might blame it on the Halloween costumes around me and my not being able to sing All I Ask Of You or forgetting to do the Jedi hand gesture.

Or we might just say that I screwed up and it bothers me.

Sometimes I am single minded of purpose and laser focused but none of that has helped me with this.

Since I couldn’t find it and got tired of beating myself up over it I walked the trail here a good three times and thought about going to the gym.

Sadly that is not a joke about how I really ought to go the gym and didn’t. It is just a statement about how the weights embargo has another week or so.

Once that is lifted you better believe I’ll hit the gym here and maybe even join LA Fitness or a local rec center.

That ought to make some people happy because they won’t hear me complain any more about not being able to play ball or lift.

Goodbye Vin Scully

For years I have said if I could ever hire a personal spokesman it would be Vin Scully.

There is no one better at telling stories in a trustworthy and compelling way.

He gave our Dodgers 67 years of service and connects generations of Angelenos and baseball fans in ways that nothing else does.

His voice and presence have been a constant for my entire life and I am truly sorry my children won’t be able to say the same.

I always wanted to work with him or at least spend some significant time with him so that I could learn more about who he is and how he works.

You can’t expect to catch lightning in a bottle but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and that is something I am usually pretty good about.

Since I probably won’t ever get that kind of time with him I’ll think about it and smile. Won’t be the first time a dream didn’t come true nor will it be the last.

But I’ll fight like hell to move some dreams from fiction into fact.

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