We All Need Someone/Something

Two days ago I offered to give you my word as a Spaniard to take you on a ride no one else can take you on and said all you needed to do was open your heart.

Can’t tell you if anyone took me seriously or figured that crazy man is off of his meds and there is no telling what will happen now.

Well I never needed the excuse of being on or off meds to do what I choose to do.

Never needed an excuse to see a wall and wonder if I can pull it down by force or if it would be easier to grab a wall saw and cut a window or door into it.

A man can’t spend all of his days planning every single detail of how his life will go or what he’ll do, sometimes he has to let the boy that lives inside just run.

We All Need Someone/Something

Texas may feel an awful lot like home but it is not quite there for me yet because there are needs to be met and things to be found.

That seems like a strange contradiction to me because I feel like I should be so much further along the path than I am now so I have to remind myself we need to learn to walk before we can run.

I went looking for a good quote about need to help build the tapestry of images I want you to see inside your head and instead I came back with this.

“I’m oxygen and he’s dying to breathe.” ― Tahereh Mafi, Shatter Me

I don’t know a thing about the author or whether this is fiction or not and had some witty line to share with you about it but there was a knock at the door and my thought was derailed.

Damn, I must be getting old.

Anyhoo I did laundry, vacuumed the place and left the house for a while to go check stuff out.

Figured I ought to check out the local synagogue and see what other stores and things are close by.

I was surprised by how small the synagogue was and had to remind myself size isn’t indicative of anything.

It just reminded me of how accustomed I have become to the one I spent most of my life at.

Many people have said it is too big but to me it doesn’t feel large at all.

That is probably because of how much time I spent there as a kid and as a parent of students.

Ultimately I can’t make any real comments about the one I drove by today without going inside.

Having come from the second largest Jewish community in the US I am curious to see what it is like to be part of a smaller one.


Sometimes my 12 year-old likes to tell me I have no fashion sense.

Most of the time I let it lie because she makes me smile and I don’t expect a kid in 7th grade to think her father is the cool guy.

Of course I don’t care if anyone sees me as a leader in fashion. I like my t-shirt and cargo shorts.

Comfort and practical are the hallmarks of my style and all I need.

I suppose if you put me in a professional setting we can amend the statement above to say I want to look professional so that people take me seriously.

If we move over to housing I’ll say I don’t care if I have the biggest or nicest house on the block.

Hell, I’d rather not attract that kind of attention but I do know I want a place that feels like a home.

The rough foundation of what I want is a place that makes it easy to entertain, with a great kitchen, a library/office and a place to enjoy movies/sports/whatever.

And a bedroom that feels like a refuge.

That is not probably not exactly what Lagerfeld was talking about or referring to but I imagine we might have an interesting conversation.

I may not be particularly enamored with fashion but it doesn’t mean I am not curious about how he comes up with ideas or how he moves thought into reality.

I imagine there might be some similarities between his world and how I move words onto the page…maybe.

Might even be interesting to talk about how time, age and experienced has influenced his thought because I know what I once thought I needed/wanted has changed.

These days it is probably far simpler than ever before.

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