The Class Of ’69 Is Better Than ’68

I’d give you my word as a Spaniard that everything I say here is true but I am not sure it would be enough for some of you.

Can’t say it is because you got lost climbing the Cliffs of Insanity or if you understand there is not a lot of money in revenge.

Instead I’ll ask you to close your eyes and open your heart and hear with it instead of your ears.

I’ll offer to take you on a ride no other can give you for reasons that we cannot explain but understand because sometimes you just have to let go and see what happens.


If I were to ride through the desert on a horse with no name I wouldn’t pay much attention to signs like the one in the picture above because we wouldn’t be limited to only two choices.

Of course if I was driving my dream car the Mach 5 it wouldn’t matter and if you allow me to digress if this song comes on while I am driving I promise my size 12 foot will press the pedal down.

There are other songs that encourage me to pretend to be Jeff Gordon or Dale Earnhardt but we’ll save those for a different day.

The Class Of ’69 Is Better Than ’68

There is an eclipse coming tonight and I am playing around with whether I am going to try to see it.

An eclipse of a Harvest Moon sounds like an event that I ought to pay attention to and a good excuse to quote David Bowie.

There’s a starman waiting in the sky
He’d like to come and meet us
But he thinks he’d blow our minds
There’s a starman waiting in the sky
He’s told us not to blow it
Cause he knows it’s all worthwhile

If you are among the few who are lucky to know me really well you won’t be surprised to hear the energy is bursting out of me and I can barely sit still.

That is because there are a million thoughts flying through my head, a million things to do and this gut feeling that tells me I am about to put the pieces together in this giant puzzle we call life.

Doesn’t mean the earth won’t shake or the board won’t break and that the pieces won’t go flying because all that will happen but for a moment I am going to bend it to my will.

That is the real trick, recognizing that we don’t get constant and consistent clarity, just moments and why we need to take advantage of it when we can.

What To Do Weekend Moments

Since the movers showed up midweek I haven’t had time to unpack and clean up around here the way I want to.

There is a bit more clutter than I would like but since I am the sole occupant the question of how much or how little there needs to be is truly subjective.

And even better it I can focus on doing it solely upon my schedule, at least during the weekend.

So the question I find myself pondering is whether I have interest in attending a local event called Grapefest.

The last time I lived in the Metroplex I chose not to go because I didn’t feel like driving across town but this time I am minutes away from the action.

So the question is do I feel like wandering around a wine festival and checking out the booths and vendors.


Don’t tell anyone but what I am really dying to do is start lifting weights again, technically I am supposed to weight (see it infects my spelling) a few more weeks.

Would it be wrong for me to buy a case of wine and curl it a few times here and there.

Books, Books, Books

I wonder about people who don’t have books lying around their homes.

You can tell me it is judgmental and I’ll agree with you, it is and I am ok with that.

I teach my children to be judgmental too.

Judge who you spend your time with and how.

Sorry, every time someone harps on not being judgmental that comes out of me because it doesn’t have to be used in a negative sense.

Good judgment is important.

Anyhoo what I am really saying here is I have unpacked some more of my books and I feel better.

There is something about books that adds weight and solidity to a place. It helps make it feel like home to me.

And that is worth a lot.

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