How Deep In Your Heart Is Texas?

More than a few people made cracks about me moving back to Texas.

Got all of the typical questions about whether I’d ride a horse to work, what kind of gun I planned on carrying and whether I’d wear a white or a black hat.

For those of you who are wondering the answer is black.

11905_10201183774495600_840760401_nNobody really needs that big a picture of me but the social media experts tell me people like pictures and sometimes I actually listen to them.

Anyhoo, my experience with Texas and Texans has been pretty damn positive.

My neighbors have been and are some of the friendliest people I have met and that is worth a lot.

There will never be a time when Los Angeles isn’t home.

It is in my blood and no matter how long I am away I can always feel the rhythm of the city.

The place gets a bad rap sometimes from outsiders and even from people who have lived there for a short while because they never put themselves in a position to see what lies beneath the surface.

As much as I love it this my time for different experiences and opportunities. It is a time when I’ll periodically struggle with being landlocked and miss being able to go to the beach whenever I want.

But that is ok because one of the biggest and most important parts of life is opening yourself up to new experiences.

It is part of how you grow and figure out what you really need and want in life.

That is part of what hit me the last time I lived here and why I didn’t mind moving back.

Of course if I would have had my druthers the time leading up to getting here would have been different.

Breaking Tackles

That is because it felt a lot like I imagine the tailback in the picture above must feel.

In less than a month I moved twice, had surgery, was on multiple flights and started a new job.

And that doesn’t even cover it all.

It is similar to an iceberg, it is just a partial outline of some moments in time but the majority of it lies just beneath the surface.


Icebergs interest me.

Sometimes I look at them and wonder how long they took to form and how many stories they could tell if they could talk.

Mind you I have taken time to read about them online and could share facts and figures.

We could get into how some are 10,000 years old or how some weigh more than a 100,000 tons but this isn’t a post about iceberg facts.

So instead I’ll say I find it fascinating to think about all they could have seen and am amazed at how big they are.

Think for a moment about how much power/energy is required to move them and consider what we could do if we harnessed that power.

I could use some of that energy about now or maybe a cup of coffee because even though I am particularly suited for running up the middle and taking the hits it still wears me out a bit.

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  1. Holly Jahangiri September 4, 2016 at 7:40 pm

    Welcome back. 🙂

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