The Definition Of Insanity

Some people say the definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over again while expecting different results.

That is why I left the house wearing my lucky jeans, the ones that have the two Jokers in the back pocket.

I love those guys because they have helped me get through more than a couple of tough spots.

Moments that were clearly beyond the abilities and or willingness of my guardian angel.

You might ask why I would say that, especially if you believe angels are powerful beings that are capable of defeating demons, witches and your general evil souls.

Well my best guess is that I wore out my welcome with my angel. I am handful, perpetually in motion and unwilling to slow down for anyone or anything.

That sort of energy and attitude isn’t the kind of thing that lends itself to calm which is probably why I love storms.


See that castle in shot above?

Well that joint is where I first figured out that two Jokers in your back pocket could be the perfect guides through chaos and confusion.

I suppose I could walk you through the story of the American who made a bet with some Scotsmen and how it led to someone having to prove he could break into a castle after hours.

Except doing so would violate some legal arrangements and it is probably best I not do so.

Not because I fear the consequences of doing so but because once you cross some lines you find yourself in search of more ways to get that Adrenalin rush again.

Instead I’ll have to say there might be someone in Europe who hates listening to The Hustle because they believe some American uses it to taunt them and has done so for decades.

Sucks to know you are right about something and to not be able to do anything about it. 😉

The Definition Of Insanity

One of the problems with being fast on your feet and is that sometimes you forget that quick thinking doesn’t always solve every puzzle you come up against.

Or should I say it doesn’t make for neat solutions that are wrapped up nice and tight.

That is probably the best explanation for why I got a 16 GB iPhone.

The prior phone was dying and since I had long since grown tired of the parade of Droids that had succumbed to the same early death I took action.

Walked into store, picked out a new iPhone and let the salesman convince me it was better to get a $250 gift card with my purchase than to wait a day to get a 64GB model that would have cost slightly more than the 16 GB I went home with.

The issues didn’t start overnight but it took less than three months for me to realize it didn’t matter how fast I uploaded my photos and videos there was never going to be enough storage.

That’s why on day 139 of ownership I decided I would have to pay for an upgrade sooner than later.

Meant I would spend more money than I probably should have but then again I have always been good at making more of it so there wasn’t any reason to wait a full year before making a change.

I didn’t expect that all hell would break loose the day I decided to upgrade my phone but life doesn’t warn you that chaos is about to walk into your life.

So I suppose you could say I was lucky to be wearing my lucky jeans and to have had the boys in my back pocket.

Three Days Later

No one who isn’t named Steve Jobs plans on being kidnapped at The Apple Store.

Hell, I would guess very few people ever worry or wonder about kidnapping in general.

If you don’t come from money or work for some corporation/agency that makes you valuable there is no reason to be concerned.

That is why I never thought twice about it.

Never thought some tweakers and their dopey boss would mistake me for some guy whose name meant nothing to me.

But they did and three days later I still have the same storage challenged phone and a big honking bruise where they one guy hit me.

Since this is my first kidnapping I can’t tell you if they went by the book or watched too many movies.

What I know is I am handcuffed to a bed and that I haven’t a clue where I am.

There are at least five guys rotating in and out of here and no one believes me when I say I don’t know who they think I am or what I am talking about.

I probably should be scared, but I am not.

Probably because I got my lucky jeans and two Jokers in my pocket.

Not to mention a guy who might have snuck into a castle at night isn’t someone who scares very easily.

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