Sometimes Heroes Fall


Sammy. Sweet Sammy has died.
He is dead.

His parents haven’t “lost” a child.
They would never…could never…be so careless.

He didn’t “pass” or “pass away.”
We pass a driving test or a kidney stone.
We don’t just pass through life.
Sammy didn’t just pass through life.
Sorrow- Rebecca Einstein Schorr

Superman Sam lost the battle and has moved on to wherever it is we go after our time here.

I wish I had words that I could speak, write or share that would make sense of this all but all I can think of is that sometimes heroes fall.

Don’t look to me to tell you there is a plan or a reason that is beyond our comprehension because I won’t say what I won’t believe. So I’ll simply add my voice to echo those who have said they are sorry for his loss and hope that those who loved him find solace and comfort.

Can’t say I know what that will be or that I understand because I don’t.

All I can do is say I am sorry and take a moment to promise to remember a son and a brother and to make a donation in his memory.

And maybe one day we’ll say that something good came because sometimes heroes fall. Maybe we’ll be able to say that a cure was found and that it can be tied back into Superman Sam.

I don’t know.

All I know for certain is that I am sorry.