Oops, I Broke The Blog…Again

It wouldn’t be entirely accurate to blame my father for my blowing up the blog this morning but you can give him credit for encouraging me to not be afraid to tinker with things.

That is because I grew up in a home with tools where my dad and I would often fix things around the house, or at least we would try to.

Every now and then we would encounter something that was beyond our expertise and consequently we would call in an expert to handle the job, but that usually didn’t happen until we had our chance to take a crack at it.

It wasn’t like one of those sitcoms you see on television either where a simple repair leads to some major issue either, we were pretty good about that.

I Blew Up The Blog

But you can say that I blew up the blog today because those experiences as a kid taught me that I could learn a lot by doing and I figured that it wouldn’t take more than about ten minutes or so to do what I needed to do.

Yes mom, it took me longer, maybe three hours.

But I didn’t notice the time passing nor did I spend it cursing up a storm. I just took it apart and put it back together again…mostly.

Doing The Mess Around

I am pretty sure I can reset it so that it looks like it did before, but I don’t know if I want to. I sort of like the way it looks at the moment and might test this out a bit.

That is part of the fun of blogging and social media. In a dynamic environment it is easy to make changes.

So we’ll see what happens, might leave it like this, might not.

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