19 Ways You Can Make Money While Blogging From The Bathroom

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Welcome to the greatest post ever written about 19 ways to make money while blogging from the bathroom. I want to congratulate you for being smart enough to read this post before I convert it into an ebook that I will sell for the low, low price of only $19.99.

Some of you are probably wondering why you would pay $19.99 for my ebook when you can purchase other ebooks for only $3.99 but you shouldn’t worry your pretty little heads about it because if you are willing to buy an ebook about 19 ways you can make money while blogging from the bathroom then I am really not charging you as much as I should.

That is because I could double the price and it still would be a bargain.

Sometimes You Get What You Pay For

I am starting to pare down the number of newsletters I subscribe to because the content lacks value and since it is digital I cannot wrap my fish in it nor line a birdcage.

The blogosphere is saturated with a million examples of people who are pumping out content without regard or concern for whether anyone can benefit from it because they heard/think they can make a couple of bucks doing this.

It is a fact, you can make money from blogging. I have done it on multiple occasions and I have an understanding and idea for how to create a sustainable business model. But there is a difference between understanding how and making it happen.

There is a different between thought and action but that distinction isn’t what I am here to talk about.

Nah, I am here to talk about a solution to the massive amounts of noise and blogosphere clutter that Gini Dietrich and the Spin Sucks crew refuse to endorse:

Killer Dolphins.

Yeah, the time has come for us to turn Flipper into a weapon of content destruction. We are going to engage in some blogger outreach and invite everyone to show up at an exclusive beach party where they will be courted by brands who want to hire bloggers as paid brand ambassadors.

Millions of people who believe anything they read online will converge on the beach and then enter the water where our crack team of water bound commandos will knock them off one by one thereby ridding the blogosphere of useless noise and clutter freeing it up for those people who really deserve attention.

Is it crazy? It is outlandish? Is it ridiculous?

Well maybe.

We might not get everyone to go to the beach. Some people might be afraid of sharks.

So we might have to have a second option where others visit Cleveland and then take a boat on the burning river.

Is This A Real Post Or A Rant?

I guarantee some people will ask if this is a real post or a rant and my answer will be it is both.

It is a quick ten minute writing job where I complain about a real problem. The blogosphere is cluttered and noisy. It is filled with a lot of junk from people (some of whom may be well meaning) who are pushing out garbage that diminishes and devalues the hard work of others.

The biggest bloggers aren’t necessarily the smartest or best writers, but some of them are among the best marketers.

Is that fair, right or legitimate?

Well, life isn’t fair and it is not right but it is legitimate.

People are entitled to pump out the content, even when it is totally ridiculous. And people are entitled to pay for that ridiculous content, if they so choose.

Your Choice

It is up to you to decide what you want to do, as for me, well I have made a decision. I have cut down my consumption of dramatically because there isn’t enough time in the day to do all that I want to and this is one way to find more time.

I am no different than most writers in that I hope this blog leads to a deal that allows me to retire before I turn 50 so that I can spend my life doing whatever I want, but what I won’t do is try to please everyone.

So sometimes I may rant and sometimes I may share stories about life in Texas.

And intermixed with it all I might share some insight about social media and doing business online, but what I won’t do is give away my secret for 19 ways you can make money while blogging from the bathroom because that would just be crappy.

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