There Are Places I Remember


Arlington, Keller, Bedford, Odessa and Denton used to be nothing more than just names of places I had seen on a map or driven through once or twice.

They didn’t hold any particular significance to me in large part because I didn’t have any thing of importance to associate them with, but things change and memories are created alongside moments.

I haven’t been here long enough yet to have determined exactly where I want to plant my roots which is in large part why I have spent ample amounts of time driving around to see the sights.

The people are friendly and more than willing to offer an opinion on where they think the best places to live are and why. More than a few have shared their thoughts and I am grateful for it.

A Million Little Details

Sometimes it feels like there are a million little details to cover. I haven’t had a chance to visit a dentist yet to fix the crown and I haven’t a clue where a hospital is. Fortunately I am not in need of one, but if I was I realize I am not exactly sure where one is or which is considered to be the best.

Two nights ago I cooked up a couple of chicken burgers for dinner and realized I didn’t own much of the way in condiments. There was some salt, pepper and two packs of sugar but no ketchup or mustard.

The majority of my furniture is still in storage and I haven’t figured out yet whether it makes sense to ship it over or to sell it and buy some new pieces. It is kind of exciting and a bit nerve wracking all at the same time.

Where The Wild Things Are

A few minutes into my shower it occurred to me that I feel a little bit like Max, from “Where The Wild Things Are,” except I haven’t declared the start of the wild rumpus yet.

So I made a mental note to do so soon, but not yet–got too much work to do before that happens.

I won’t tell you how old it made me feel to realize that I was trying to schedule a wild rumpus because that goes against all of the rules of throwing “rumpi.” Everyone knows one of the key ingredients of a great wild rumpus is spontaneity.

Fortunately I compromised and agreed not to schedule a “rumpus” knowing that it would be much more fun to let it happen in a natural way. And in case you are wondering  made sure to have this debate in the shower as well, because doing so in public might have made some people nervous.

In my experience the only time to have an argument with yourself in public is while riding public transportation when you are in need of a seat. Act crazy out there and you just might find that aforementioned seat and maybe even a little room to put your stuff down.

On a Serious Note

Anyway, on a serious note the move has reminded me that although I do enjoy walking on the razor’s edge I also enjoy routine and familiarity. A change like this is a disruptive force that brings some chaos into things but also opportunity.

The big question is how to maximize the creation of opportunity while minimizing the influence of chaos. Thus far my method has been to try and take things one day at a time and not get too crazy about little things like missing condiments.

If nothing else I figure this time should provide plenty of fodder for stories and that is something I never grow tired of.

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