What Every Aspiring Writer Needs To Remember

This post was supposed to begin with an infographic that provided a list of famous writers complimenting insulting other famous writers. It was supposed to help drive home the idea that great writing is subjective. That infographic¬† would have helped illustrate it in simple terms and perhaps made you smile or gasp at what these […]

How To Become A Superhero

They say everyone needs a helping hand from time to time and I am no different which is why you see a magical bracelet upon my wrist. With the powers granted from said bracelet I have no doubt that in no time I will have cleaned up the mean streets of cleveland, taken back the […]

Do You Know The Backstory?

Every time I hear this song I have an urge to hop on a plane and sail the same route that the Edmund Fitzgerald was supposed to have started and finished. Something about it captured my attention decades ago and a part of me has always wanted to recreate the experience so that I can […]

Help Inigo Montoya Defeat His Greatest Nemesis

My friend Oren Miller needs more than Inigo Montoya, the Man in Black and Fezzik¬†to win the fight he is in now. Oren was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer which sadly is a much crueler and more cunning enemy than the six fingered man. We talked about a variety of ways to try […]

44 Quotes- A Social Media Experiment

These 44 quotes are supposed to help motivate and inspire you but I am most curious about whether they cause more people to share this post and or read the blog. I have some distinct ideas for how to build traffic and community here that aren’t necessarily in line with posting quotes but I am […]