How Do You Motivate The Unmotivated?

I have shown that video to my kids several times and told them I will always be the guy who comes out of the stands to help them stand up when they fall. Every time we discuss it I tell them I’ll give them a hand up but I expect them to finish the race. […]

What Is The Price Of Fame?

Two hours ago my daughter told me there was a leak in the garage ceiling and I went in search of the source of the leak. Took about two minutes to determine it was coming from the powder room bathroom and that the toilet inside had mutinied. I turned off the water in the bathroom, […]

Distilled Wisdom- Some of My Favorite Quotes

Some of My Favorite Quotes By no means should this be considered a complete list but it contains a series of quotes that have meaning for me personally and professionally. Some of these are brilliant and some are not but the beauty of a quote isn’t always tied up in whether it is brilliant but […]

Goodbye Robin Williams

There are going to be more than a few posts and news stories about the death of Robin Williams. I am sure many of them will focus upon trying to help those who are battling depression but this isn’t going to be one of them. It is not because it isn’t important because it is. […]