Did Technology Kill Communication?

A dear friend and I wandered through the student union at the university we attended and were surprised not by how many buildings were gone or renovated but by what we didn’t see. Eyeballs. We didn’t see eyeballs. Yeah, I know that sounds sort of odd but when I provide more details it will make […]

It is Better To Be Offended

I spent part of Father’s Day at the movie theater with my son where I was reminded again about how intolerant people have become of things they don’t want to hear/see/smell/experience. While waiting for the guy behind the counter to bring over our ridiculously overpriced popcorn I got to listen to the guy next to […]

Social Media Should Be About Conversation

On my 46th birthday I received more than 100 birthday wishes and greetings. Birthdays 45, 44 and I think 43 were like that too. Heck, I am fairly certain that 42 and 41 were as well. They came from a wide swath of friends and family, many of whom don’t require Facebook’s assistance to remember […]

What Tools Do You Need to Fight A Hippo?

Some men write about chasing and or catching dragons and others wonder what sort of tools one might use to fight a hippopotamus. I am not talking about the one from the children’s game but the real thing. You know the beast that National Geographic says can live around 40 years and weigh as much […]

Everyone Knows Better Than You Do

Earlier this week I read an article about a university professor who was attacked for things they said on their private Facebook page. The commentary in question was almost two years old and was only discovered because someone went digging through the offenders Facebook updates. I can’t tell you what prompted the research. Can’t say […]

The Power Of Pictures & Video

If you have never seen something so breathtakingly beautiful it rendered you speechless you need to put down your phone and or push yourself away from the computer and go outside. That is not hyperbole because I know not just from personal experience but from the tales and stories other people tell there are places […]

Maybe It’s The Secret Ingredient

The joy of middle school might lie somewhere between the craziness that comes with the onset of puberty and hormones that turn half or more of the kids into crazy people who don’t know if they are coming or going. Add in interactions with other students, teachers, parents, homework and life in general and things […]