What Kind Of Writer Are You?

The questions come fast and furious: What Kind of Writer Are You? How Would You Describe Yourself? Give Me a List of Your 5 Greatest Strengths & Weaknesses How Many Licks Does It Take To Get To The Center Of A Tootsie Pop Would you rather be Gandalf or Luke Skywalker? Ok, I haven’t been […]

The Advantage Of Being Part of Generation X

I have been a part of several recent discussions about what benefits Generation Y and the Baby Boomers bring to the workplace and the world in general but none them spent much time talking about Generation X. Since I am part of Generation X I found myself wondering why my generation was left out of […]

He Is Too Old To Jump Off The Roof

One of the great joys of aging is realizing you are questioning participating in activities that never bothered you before because you never worried about getting hurt because if you did you weren’t concerned with recovery times or mysterious aches and pains. The sane is true regarding falling jumping down/off from places. I cannot confirm […]

Oh Captain, My Captain

David and I exchanged our first hello thirty-two years ago and said goodbye sixteen years ago. I suspect he might appreciate the symmetry of the numbers. I imagine we would have had some interesting conversations about whether life is filled with a series of random events and coincidences or if there is any sort of […]

What Is The Price Of Fame?

Two hours ago my daughter told me there was a leak in the garage ceiling and I went in search of the source of the leak. Took about two minutes to determine it was coming from the powder room bathroom and that the toilet inside had mutinied. I turned off the water in the bathroom, […]

Goodbye Robin Williams

There are going to be more than a few posts and news stories about the death of Robin Williams. I am sure many of them will focus upon trying to help those who are battling depression but this isn’t going to be one of them. It is not because it isn’t important because it is. […]

Tommy Lasorda Killed My Dream Job

Some of you who know me well will read that headline and wonder where the hell I come up with this stuff because you are certain that a guy with my imagination and athletic ability never had a shot to play for The Dodgers. I can hear some of you thinking out loud and I […]

Do You Still Read Books/Magazines?

A while back I asked you to let me know how many magazines you read because I was curious to find out if the magazines you subscribed to were actually read of if they served as decorations or paper weights. Yesterday afternoon I overheard a conversation in which a woman told her friend that she […]