Remember The Clickety-Clacking & The Dings

No one asked for my opinion but if they did I’d tell them it is cooler to say you are agnostic about whether ghost exists after Halloween has passed than during the week or two before. When you live close to an airport you grow accustomed to the sound of planes flying overhead but you […]

If I Were The Dread Pirate Roberts

If I were The Dread Pirate Roberts I can assure you this post would be composed and written from a much more exotic location than suburbia. You may wonder why I would want to be him and what is stopping me. I’d tell you that there is more joy in being The Man In Black […]

It Is The Answer To Every Question

Remember the post where I said Sometimes I Dream About This? It is one where I alluded to having some things on my mind and suggested that it would be nice to meet an older version of me because they would be able to provide reassurance and support in a way that others could not. […]

Sometimes I Dream About This

Been thinking about some of the things I shared in the prior post and the knowledge that the rhythm of life was and has been disturbed and decided to write about it. A blog needs to be more than just a place to show how much you know about writing, marketing and social media. It […]

For Your 100th Birthday

  Dear Grandpa, I woke up this morning and realized today is your 100th birthday and wondered if you were here what you would want to do for your birthday, ‘cuz a 100 is a big one. Eight years ago you set off for whatever comes after our time here is done and I know […]

The Problem With Straight Lines

Not too long ago the kids and I were waiting in line to buy some food at one of the big box stores when we heard/saw another parent discipline his child for misbehaving. When the man asked the boy to explain why he did what did the boy shrugged his shoulders and said, “I don’t […]

What Kind Of Writer Are You?

The questions come fast and furious: What Kind of Writer Are You? How Would You Describe Yourself? Give Me a List of Your 5 Greatest Strengths & Weaknesses How Many Licks Does It Take To Get To The Center Of A Tootsie Pop Would you rather be Gandalf or Luke Skywalker? Ok, I haven’t been […]

The Advantage Of Being Part of Generation X

I have been a part of several recent discussions about what benefits Generation Y and the Baby Boomers bring to the workplace and the world in general but none them spent much time talking about Generation X. Since I am part of Generation X I found myself wondering why my generation was left out of […]

He Is Too Old To Jump Off The Roof

One of the great joys of aging is realizing you are questioning participating in activities that never bothered you before because you never worried about getting hurt because if you did you weren’t concerned with recovery times or mysterious aches and pains. The sane is true regarding falling jumping down/off from places. I cannot confirm […]