The Great Bamboozler Of Blogging

A friend who knows nothing about blogs asked me how they refer to me in the blogosphere and I told him I am called The Great Bamboozler Of Blogging, The Captain of Copy and The Old Obnoxious Dude In The Cave. He told me aspires to become a better bamboozler and I suggested he investigate […]

Do Great Ideas Require Loose Cannons?

About twenty years or so ago I had a disagreement with a co-worker about a project we were working on. We were on deadline and I had three ideas I wanted to submit but he kept trying to stall because he said the three ideas I had come up with weren’t thought out and vetted […]

No One Cares About Your Blog

Someone told me that the moment you were targeted by a troll is the moment you know you have arrived in the blogosphere. I smiled and told them that it is much easier to find a troll or trolls than they realized. Write a post promoting circumcision, for/against abortion and don’t forget to include something […]

Remember When Truth Killed Reality

The first time I moved to Texas I received a 15 minute long education about the way things were in Los Angeles as understood by a man who had never been there before. My education began during happy hour at a Saltgrass Steak House in the Fossil Creek neighborhood of Fort Worth. The California plates […]

Everyone Knows Better Than You Do

Earlier this week I read an article about a university professor who was attacked for things they said on their private Facebook page. The commentary in question was almost two years old and was only discovered because someone went digging through the offenders Facebook updates. I can’t tell you what prompted the research. Can’t say […]

You Ought To Eat Donuts For Dinner

Don’t tell my kids but I am eating donuts for dinner tonight. This is one of the gifts that come with age and wisdom, the ability to act upon bad advice and hide from the consequences. Ok, that is not entirely true, there are consequences for eating donuts for dinner and if you were here […]

Don’t Suffer From The Stupidity Of Forward Thinking

Another father told me that he would never yell at his children because it was the type of behavior that would lead to his kids turning into “unthinking animals.” When I didn’t respond he took that as a prompt to continue and told me he believed “forward thinking” parents understood that “progressive parenting” meant you […]

Why Do We Ask People To Subscribe To Our Blogs?

My vast and mighty legal team once asked me to concentrate on writing the kind of blog post that would never get me into trouble because some people look for the opportunity to be offended so they can sue you. I smiled and told them I am confident they are correct in their assessment that […]