Everyone Knows Better Than You Do

Earlier this week I read an article about a university professor who was attacked for things they said on their private Facebook page. The commentary in question was almost two years old and was only discovered because someone went digging through the offenders Facebook updates. I can’t tell you what prompted the research. Can’t say […]

You Ought To Eat Donuts For Dinner

Don’t tell my kids but I am eating donuts for dinner tonight. This is one of the gifts that come with age and wisdom, the ability to act upon bad advice and hide from the consequences. Ok, that is not entirely true, there are consequences for eating donuts for dinner and if you were here […]

Don’t Suffer From The Stupidity Of Forward Thinking

Another father told me that he would never yell at his children because it was the type of behavior that would lead to his kids turning into “unthinking animals.” When I didn’t respond he took that as a prompt to continue and told me he believed “forward thinking” parents understood that “progressive parenting” meant you […]

Why Do We Ask People To Subscribe To Our Blogs?

My vast and mighty legal team once asked me to concentrate on writing the kind of blog post that would never get me into trouble because some people look for the opportunity to be offended so they can sue you. I smiled and told them I am confident they are correct in their assessment that […]

Has Social Media Made Us All Liars?

The talking heads who label themselves social media gurus have instructed me to spend extra time cultivating a killer headline so that readers won’t skip over my blog posts to go look at cat pictures. I understand where the experts are coming from and as a content producer I relate to the fear of not […]

Just Another Shiny Object

I try to make a point to find resources like those in this link that provide free stock photos but not because I hope that picture will make people more interested in sharing my post with others. Don’t get me wrong, I want people to share my stuff as much if not more than the […]

National Grammar Day Ain’t a Joke

I have a love/hate relationship with technology and its impact upon communication. There has never been a time where it has been easier for people to communicate their thoughts, ideas and dreams to a large audience than now. Social media platforms have made it simple to send a thought 10,000 miles but technology has not […]