How Bloggers Defeat Death

Take a quick tour of the blogosphere and you’ll be bombarded with the fruits of the echo chamber, a million posts about content shock, another million on how to monetize your blog and 19,837,983 on how to become a better content marketer. And then you’ll find the people like me who wonder if any of […]

What Makes A Good ‘About Me’ Page?

You might wonder why someone would introduce themselves as the man who beat up an entire car load of clowns, especially if you were thinking about hiring them as the head lion tamer for your circus. Or maybe not. Maybe you run the ultimate fighting circus and what you are most concerned about is how […]

How Not To Respond To Comments

What is an editorial policy & Should Your Blog Have One? An editorial policy spells out what sort of coverage can be expected and provides more specific details about how you approach your content. It helps everyone understand why your focus might be on XYZ and not PDQ. It can be beneficial for dealing with […]