What Would Happen If You Stopped Blogging?

Another blogger once asked me what would happen if I stopped blogging. I told them I am a writer and a writer never stops writing. Is it possible I might stop blogging? Sure, it is possible but I won’t ever stop writing. It is like breathing, I’ll do it in one form or another until […]

Sometimes Analytics Are Meaningless

Sometimes Analytics Are Meaningless is the kind of headline that I try to avoid because it puts me to sleep but there are moments where it makes sense to be direct and not try to capture attention with traditional link bait. I stumbled onto a discussion today in which people were talking about importance of […]

Do You Still Handwrite Letters?

My 10.5 going on 30-year-old daughter says I won’t be really old until I turn 50. It is hard not to laugh when she says it mainly because I remember the days when 50 sounded really, really old and I am not that. It is still hard for me to reconcile the face in the […]

How Marketers Killed Social Media

People tell me because I am both a writer and a marketer I should take responsibility for killing social media. They say in the name of the almighty dollar my fellows and I have lost focus of what social media is about and have created pay-to-play venues that don’t provide access to the millions of […]

Albert Einstein Was A Social Media Genius

Albert Einstein died in 1955 so he didn’t come close to living long enough to see the Internet or any of the other technological marvels of the digital age. I won’t presume to tell you what his opinion about social media would have been but I feel confident he could have been a social media […]

Bloggers Must Evolve Or Die

My daughter asked me to speak with her about how old she needs to be to get a Facebook account and to teach her about blogging and social media. We had the usual conversation about what you should or should not post online and talked about why some bloggers last and others don’t. I gave […]

Is Commenting On Blogs Dead?

The first time Uncle John told me that story I punched him in the mouth but not because I had anger management issues. It was because after he finished explaining how anything could be real until disproven he said a boy wasn’t strong enough to hurt a man. I figured when opportunity knocks you ought […]