Life Is About Priorities

My daughter asked me how long I plan on playing basketball for and I told her I will do it until I can’t move or it is not fun any more. “But daddy, aren’t you getting kind of old for it?” I laughed and told her I was young enough to do almost anything I […]

Is Your Business Blinded By Familiarity?

Last summer I was contacted by a business that said they wanted to find a way to improve the effectiveness of their website. I told them I would be happy to help them and asked them to answer two questions: 1) What did they mean by improving effectiveness? 2) Did their website tell their story? […]

Three Questions To Ask Parents & People

My children graduated from their respective schools three weeks ago and as part of my role as proud father I joined the mad scramble to gain the perfect position to take a picture. Some might say that after almost fifteen years as a father I have gotten pretty good at getting the shot because you […]

Your Comfort Zone Is Killing You

I can’t take credit for saying you need to get busy living or accept the fact that you are busy dying but I can say I agree with the sentiment. Ask me what I mean by it and we might have a long conversation about how short our lives are and how long it takes […]

How You Can Kill Your Traffic In One Easy Step

Many people like to think running a blog is a free venture but they neglect to think about the value of their time and or ignore the costs for hosting and other services bloggers use to make their cyber sandboxes into something more than pixels on a page. I control costs by conducting a periodic […]

Who Is Your Blog For?

One of the challenges that comes with trying to write a post in 5 minutes or less is trying to come up with a suitable headline. You might ask yourself if I am serious about only having five minutes to write this post and I’ll see there is some flexibility there but not enough to […]

The Best Advice For Writers

I didn’t get as big a response as I thought I would to How Do You Define Your Best Writing? Can’t say if it was because it wasn’t read, had a weak call to action or if there was some other reason. What I do know is that it generated some conversation and several people […]

Twenty-Three Links That Can Mean Anything

My friend Danny Brown’s post The BuzzFeed Economy and the Chase for Social Proof is to blame for the words you are reading now. He got me thinking again about how people try to use numbers to prove and or disprove the influence of blogs/posts/people online. Those of you who have been around for a […]