Do You Still Read Magazines?

Almost two years ago I asked you to share how many magazines you read and followed up with the questions below: Ok friends I have a couple of questions for you: How many magazines do you subscribe to? Do you make time to read them all or do you find yourself facing growing pile of […]

It Is About Telling A Better Story

When people ask me why I am thinking about moving from an Android to an iPhone I tell them it is about telling a better story and I hear that iPhones take better pictures. I tell them it is because I don’t want to rely upon the words of another to determine whether I think […]

The Rhythm Of Writing

There is a rhythm to writing that only the writer can hear. I don’t know if I would describe it as the sound my fingers make when they tap away at the keys on the keyboard or if I would say it is the words I hear in my head. Ask me to describe it […]

Remember The Clickety-Clacking & The Dings

No one asked for my opinion but if they did I’d tell them it is cooler to say you are agnostic about whether ghost exists after Halloween has passed than during the week or two before. When you live close to an airport you grow accustomed to the sound of planes flying overhead but you […]

When A Hawk Comes To Visit

We told our girls they could win their next game but only if they played liked they wanted it more than the other team. We told them that good things come from working hard and that energy was going to be the difference between the winners and losers here. Some of them bought into what […]

What Is The Optimal Length For Social Media Updates?

Our friends at Buffer receive full credit for producing the infographic below.  We have received some criticism about some of the infographics we have uploaded here being hard to read so I tried to make it easier with this one. My guess is we’ll have mixed results here. If you are on a computer or […]

If I Were The Dread Pirate Roberts

If I were The Dread Pirate Roberts I can assure you this post would be composed and written from a much more exotic location than suburbia. You may wonder why I would want to be him and what is stopping me. I’d tell you that there is more joy in being The Man In Black […]

It Is The Answer To Every Question

Remember the post where I said Sometimes I Dream About This? It is one where I alluded to having some things on my mind and suggested that it would be nice to meet an older version of me because they would be able to provide reassurance and support in a way that others could not. […]

Sometimes I Dream About This

Been thinking about some of the things I shared in the prior post and the knowledge that the rhythm of life was and has been disturbed and decided to write about it. A blog needs to be more than just a place to show how much you know about writing, marketing and social media. It […]