Does Your Blog Need A Logo?

Does Your Blog Need A Logo? The answer to the question is yes, your blog needs a logo. It needs some kind of image that helps distinguish it from the others. There is an awful lot of noise out there and if you want to memorable and recognized a logo can go a long way […]

The Advantage Of Being Part of Generation X

I have been a part of several recent discussions about what benefits Generation Y and the Baby Boomers bring to the workplace and the world in general but none them spent much time talking about Generation X. Since I am part of Generation X I found myself wondering why my generation was left out of […]

How To Improve Engagement On Facebook

More than a few people have spent significant amounts of time trying to figure out the Facebook algorithm so they can improve engagement but not me. That is about as effective as trying to figure out how many plastic pink flamingos are on lawns in Parma and just as interesting. You might as well try […]

What Story Should You Tell?

I am the real reason the devil went down to Georgia. Ask my kids and they’ll tell you that cloven hoofed bastard knew if he decided to mess with me I would expand his understanding of eternal torment and hell on earth in a way he wouldn’t ever forget. Really. I don’t wear a black […]

He Is Too Old To Jump Off The Roof

One of the great joys of aging is realizing you are questioning participating in activities that never bothered you before because you never worried about getting hurt because if you did you weren’t concerned with recovery times or mysterious aches and pains. The sane is true regarding falling jumping down/off from places. I cannot confirm […]