How Do You Pick The Right Tool?

Father’s Day is fast approaching and with it comes the typical onslaught of marketing material about the best gift to get for dear old dad. Somewhere in the mix of recent media madness I watched/read/heard something about tools and how they make great gifts but I can’t tell you who it was for or provide […]

That Dog Won’t Hunt Anymore

I was only three when my grandmother died so I can’t say we got to know each other very well. Can’t say that I remember tons about her because I don’t but there are enough fragments and flashes for me to be comfortable saying I knew her. Ask me what led me to make an […]

The Five Favorites List

In honor of the late great B.B. King I am listening to Lucille while I write this post about my five favorite movies musicians/bands and authors. Truth is I tend to hate writing posts like these not because I am not decisive but because they tend to function better as a snapshot of what I […]

Time Management & Social Media

Courtesy of: Quick Sprout Time spent on social media is a double edged sword, it can be a huge asset and a huge time suck. You either figure out how to manage your time or it will manage you. If you need help with this you might find some of the tips and tricks above […]

Social Media Should Be About Conversation

On my 46th birthday I received more than 100 birthday wishes and greetings. Birthdays 45, 44 and I think 43 were like that too. Heck, I am fairly certain that 42 and 41 were as well. They came from a wide swath of friends and family, many of whom don’t require Facebook’s assistance to remember […]

What Tools Do You Need to Fight A Hippo?

Some men write about chasing and or catching dragons and others wonder what sort of tools one might use to fight a hippopotamus. I am not talking about the one from the children’s game but the real thing. You know the beast that National Geographic says can live around 40 years and weigh as much […]

The Great Bamboozler Of Blogging

A friend who knows nothing about blogs asked me how they refer to me in the blogosphere and I told him I am called The Great Bamboozler Of Blogging, The Captain of Copy and The Old Obnoxious Dude In The Cave. He told me aspires to become a better bamboozler and I suggested he investigate […]

Some Dreams Die & Some Are Delayed

Spent a few minutes with the teenager in my house talking about what comes next and what things we can control and what we can manage. Listened to him express concern about current events at school and some yet to come and smiled because I remember those days too. Smiled because to him these things […]

Do Great Ideas Require Loose Cannons?

About twenty years or so ago I had a disagreement with a co-worker about a project we were working on. We were on deadline and I had three ideas I wanted to submit but he kept trying to stall because he said the three ideas I had come up with weren’t thought out and vetted […]