The Conversations We Don’t Have

During an election cycle it is hard not to get irritated with the rhetoric and mud slinging and it has only become worse because of social media. The obvious answer is because if you are active on social media the conversations are everywhere you go. Unless you make an effort to mute or block them […]

Hello I Must Be Going

I got ‘carded’ at a restaurant not long ago. It made me smile when the first response to my drink order was to be asked for proof of my age. Can’t tell you the last time someone was worried about whether I was of legal age. I just smiled, pulled out my driver’s license and […]

If You Weren’t There, Did It Happen?

The Churchill quote with a Statue of Liberty backdrop is intentional on my part. You can blame attribute the inspiration for that upon some conversations I have seen take place in person and online where fierce debates have raged about historical events and how they should be interpreted/understood. Coincidentally I stumbled upon a Washington Post […]