The Losers Are Winning

You were stupid then but you’re dumber now is what I mutter at the screen.

It is in response to commentary people I have known for years are posting about how excited they are about the political events of the day.

The losers are winning and while they lust after blood money they are intent on dragging the rest of us down in the muck and the mud with them.

People tell me I ought to just suck it up and accept what is going on because they are convinced it is going to continue but that is not going to happen.

I am not going to permit the denizens of lollipop land and the frolicking fools of Too Fucking Stupid To See rob all of us of decency.

The gloves are off and we are going to keep pushing back…legally. Can’t let them sow chaos without a fight.

Excuse My Bad Behavior

The phone keeps buzzing with texts and emails asking me what I think about Kavanaugh being confirmed.

“The losers are winning but ultimately we all are going to suffer because of their bad behavior.”

A few people tell me you catch more flies with honey and suggest I don’t respond with dragon fire and laser beams to all this.

“I am not yelling. I am very calm and if I was standing in front of anyone of these people I could tell them very calmly that we’re making a mistake. Depending on the situation I might use more colorful language or I might not.

The one thing I know I can do is communicate a thought or idea with words.”

The funny part is that communicating a thought or idea doesn’t mean people will accept it as being factual, logical or reasonable which is part of why we are here.

Fear is driving all of us to react and respond to what is going on around us and very little of what we see appears to be the product of well thought out strategy.

Or maybe that is the point. Maybe the chaos and lack well communicated thought is the strategy.


Have you noticed that Kanye praises Trump and in return is praised. LeBron criticizes Trump and in return is criticized.

What would happen if Kaepernick switched tactics and praised Trump? Could he turn this thing upside down and inside out?


POTUS is a known liar and mercurial personality with great skill at manipulating the fools who buy his gas lighting bullshit.

Fear is a tool he wields as cudgel and because he is dealing with the citizens of lollipop land they don’t ask questions.

They don’t ask him to prove that America wasn’t respected and to illustrate how it was hurting them. He just says it was so and suggests that because he is here they are no longer going to be hurt.

Tell the people about record breaking stock market highs and they get excited because it sounds like they are going to be rolling in dough but ask them to spell out how they are being helped and things change.

“Josh, stop being so negative. My 401K is up and so is yours.”

It is true, there is a nice bump in my portfolio but I have 15 to 20 years to go even with that and I know I am ahead of some of these folks.

This assumes there aren’t any catastrophic issues that destroy my portfolio or require me to pull on it to live.

Same goes for the rest.

And the bit about the foreign policy victories, well ask again for people to illustrate the many successes and how they help.

I hear a lot of talking points and little substance.

We weren’t at war with North Korea and aren’t now but the gaslighter says we might have been. That is when he isn’t telling us how they fell in love.

When he isn’t fellating Kim it is Putin and when he isn’t doing that he is hammering the press because he cannot take criticism.

That is our president, our toilet paper on the shoe leader who would tell me the best way to deal with women is to treat them like shit.

Hell, maybe I am the fool because he has plenty of support from women who say he is a fine fellow. Got more than a few to say men should be forgiven for groping women because we can’t help it.

Someone get me a beer and a broad and let’s see if I can shed all morals and ethics to be like Forrest Trump.


Let’s Go Home Again

The house I grew up in is on the market.

I didn’t know about it until this evening when my mom said to look it up on Zillow and discovered it has been destroyed.

Ok, that is an exaggeration but it looks so very different.

Some of the changes are pretty nice but I don’t like most of what they did and haven’t figured out yet if it is because I prefer to remember it as it was or if it is a matter of taste.

Probably a mix of the two.

They took out a half bathroom to put in a pantry and pulled out a couple of walls but I don’t see the advantage.

There is no island or additional counter space but there is a new double oven.

New paint, some new odds and ends here and there look nice but I don’t see how it flows and am pretty  sure it is not because of the pictures.

Thought for a moment about trying to buy it but I haven’t got anything close to the cash it would require and since I could buy two or three places here for the same amount it doesn’t make sense.

Can’t go back in time, can’t go home, can only build in the present and the future.

If someone wanted to learn about who I am, where I come from and what I am about they can still do that.

It can be done without the relics of the past haunting the present and the future.

I shed some skin to get to this place but that is how it goes and it is why I haven’t any fear of fighting for a future.

You see the denizens of lollipop land who think that Mitch McConnell didn’t break the senate and create a national nightmare talk about 2020 as if it is a given but they haven’t come out of the echo chamber.

They haven’t figured out that someone is going to come along and pull the same crap Trump has. They’ll get into office and wipe all memory of him from the books.

Much as I dislike him I am not sure that is a good thing, but I do know a reckoning is coming.

We can’t can go home again, we can only move on.

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