Sometimes Math Is Useless

The music plays and the bells go off and I think about how sometimes math is useless.

Some of you might think of that as me taking a soft swipe at something you love but that is patently false.

This isn’t directed at Virgos, people with the initials P.R. and or midwesterners in general. Nah, this is me reflecting upon the Trump supporter who told me science that isn’t referenced in the bible isn’t real science.

Now before some of you get redfaced and upset because you voted for a corrupt conman whose list of failures exceeds his list of accomplishments understand that I know others who have made similar remarks.

I have been there when fellow Members of The Tribe have said the same sort of thing and I heaped the same scorn upon them.

Yep, I am a mean man…sometimes.

Feeling A Little Feisty

You’ll be shocked if I say I am feeling feisty and that it has nothing to do with the music I am listening to.

Some of it has to do with the frustration about not being able to do more to help my dad and some of it has to do with listening to the general stupidity and lunacy surrounding me.

Don’t tell me I am not going to win hearts and minds by referring to certain comments and behaviors as being stupid or crazy and don’t tell me I ought to be more civil.

What is and what should never be is something we passed at the signpost some miles behind us.

I read Huckleberry Sanders tweet about always being civil, shook my head and paged Rod Serling.

“Paging Rod Serling, Mr. Rod ‘Fucking’ Serling please report t0 the green room because we’re in the fucking Twilight Zone and some bad people are trying to gas light us into believing that we’re the crazy ones.”

Won’t work with me.

I may be crazy, but I am not stupid and I know for damn sure that this bad president and his merry madmen aren’t serving all Americans.

It is a bad time to be brown in America and that is not just embarrassing, it is shameful.


I ain’t joking woman” we sing together except he sounds good and I just sound…loud.


A man tells me I misunderstand how to interpret the Constitution meaning it is not supposed to be interpreted.

“We ought to follow it the way the founder intended.”

I try not to put too much edge in my voice when I say it is important not to change something that white slave owners wrote more than 200 years ago.

He says I am twisting things a little bit and I say some of that is true, I am twisting things slightly. I am heavily accentuating the slave owner part and talking about how some things that were understood to be ok then aren’t now.

We both agree that slavery is bad and that it was rightly abolished.

We both agree that women should be allowed to vote.

“So it is clear that sometimes the Constitution is rightly amended because times have changed in a way the founders might not have anticipated.

“Isn’t that why the founders included a process for amending the Constitution because they understood there might be times they could not anticipate? Aren’t you arguing against their intent when you say we cannot amend it.”

He doesn’t offer a response that I can follow, just some words that suggest he doesn’t want to concede the point because it will destroy the fabric of his entire argument.

I shake my head and ask when willful blindness became a virtue.

A Storm Is Coming

I wonder and worry about what is going to happen in the next couple of years.

When people ask me why I am concerned I say it troubles me to hear/read words where the president complains about the law and having to follow it.

People say we are a country of laws and that these are designed to protect us I ask how we apply rights to some and not to others.

“If  you aren’t American you’re not entitled to the same rights and protections Americans get.”

I tell them it is a slippery slope they are trying to walk and engage more but they have tunnel vision.

Sometimes I ask myself if I am mistaken about his fearmongering and bad behavior. Sometimes I double check his words and confirm we elected a boor and a oaf.

The sad and disconcerting thing about it all is how many of his supporters refuse to hold him accountable for sad and pathetic tweets like this.

Sometimes they say it is only fair because they think he is being attacked and sometimes they make other excuses such as “the president is defending himself.”

“Shouldn’t the president be the bigger person and lead by example? Isn’t there a problem when he spends his time attacking others and or creating division by claiming only one party is to blame?”

“No, he tells the truth and some people just don’t like it.”

See, sometimes math is useless.

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  1. winersusan July 1, 2018 at 8:27 am

    Josh, you speak well, very very well, for the more caring, understanding citizens of this country and citizens of this world!
    This is a time when more of us need to speak up against the ranting President and his followers who think they are superior to the rest of the population and want to do away with whole groups among us. Sue Winer

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