Blame It On A Butt Dial

Johnny told June many things but he never said a word about accidentally boosting a post on Facebook.

They clearly must have spoken about walking the line, rings of fire and maybe trips to Scandinavia but butt dials and cellphones weren’t part of that.

Ok, maybe I am wrong and they had cellphones upon which they made accidental calls, but I am confident about Facebook.


Because Facebook didn’t start until around 2004 and it certainly didn’t start to gain traction with older folks until around 2008 or 2009.

And let’s be honest, by that time both Johnny and June had loosened the bonds that tie them to this plane and gone wherever we go afterwards.

But I figure if they were still here or if I traveled back in time I could tell them about how I accidentally placed an ad on Facebook and how that brought some of you here.

Buy Your Tickets Now

I can’t decide if I ought to listen to this song while I write this post and not just because the story behind it intrigues me but because of the tone it sets for writing.

The thing is, this one does a very find job of setting a different tone inside my mind and both lend themselves to helping me paint a picture that you call a story.

Part of me wants to tell you to buy your tickets now for the books and movies that are coming because I have a few inside that are compelling, captivating and entertaining for multiple reasons.

But there is a different part of me that says to hold back and stay quiet because announcing such grand intentions is asking for trouble.

It is like buying a jar of Nutella to share with someone you have no reason to believe will ever come over but you figure what the hell.

Lots of people like Nutella and if you don’t share it with the one you might share it with the other.

Hell, you really shouldn’t share it with just one person because there are way too many calories in that jar for two people.


Traffic to this joint has more than tripled since the ad went live and it has reminded me about how much magic there is in this world.

It has me thinking about some of the biggest moments in my life have come from the unexpected and unsought for surprises that life bestows upon us.

Think of it as the kiss you never knew you needed, wanted or expected and how after it was done you tried to figure out if the electric shock was because you dragged your feet upon the carpet or stumbled onto one of those people.

The guy I once was would have raced to Facebook to cancel the ad because he would have wanted to plan for the moment.

He would have been worried about throwing cash away, but that dude is so far in the past I can barely see him.

And let’s be honest, the note I got said I threw in $20 bucks to reach a few more people.

I have $20 to give to the universe to see what fate does or does not bring.

Maybe some mover and shaker will read these words and offer me millions of dollars to share my words with more people or maybe nothing will come of it.

There is a better chance of the latter, but sometimes lightning strikes, sometimes shit happens and you never know until after whether it is good or bad.

A Roadmap For Decision Making

When you ask and some of you will ask how I handle making decisions I might share the two videos below.

I might tell you they are tied into what helps inform, educate and motivate my decision making process.

It is Neil deGrasse Tyson talking about how to use your mind and Sheryl Sandberg about talking about Gratitude.

There are others, but those two will do for now.


Tomorrow marks some moments, potentially huge moments in my life and those I care about.

Some of it is because my mom is going to have surgery, some of it is for other reasons.

Mom’s surgery should be relatively simple and I expect that by the time afternoon rolls around in Texas I’ll be able to call my father and get good news.

I expect to apply my will to this week and make good things happen but I also expect life to laugh at my attempt to bend it to my will.

Experience has taught me things will go sideways and that there will be moments where I wonder who punched me in the mouth and kicked me in the junk.

But every time that happens I eventually recognize it didn’t knock me out and I am still standing.

Some of you may not understand this or appreciate any of the other stuff I share, but some will.

Ideally my children will follow some of my advice and guidance. I am certainly not dumb enough to believe they’ll follow all of it, but some for sure.

I hope they understand why I have come to appreciate the importance of making your bed each day and how that can help.


Butt-Dialing Into Your Heart

In a few minutes I’ll hit publish and begin walking that path that will tell me if the foolishness in this post leads to great things or nothing.

I’ll get a chance to see if I like the way this reads and looks and maybe decide to make a change or two.

Maybe I’ll leave two videos embedded or maybe I’ll turn them into links. I won’t know until I see how it looks and get a sense of whether the page loads as quickly as I want it to.

And maybe one day you’ll read a story called Butt-dialing into your heart and smile because you were there when it started.

Maybe you’ll tell your friends you never thought that crazy man would ever make it or maybe you’ll say he is one of the guys who knows how to make words flow freely.

And maybe if life is truly nuts you’ll read a story one day about Johnny and June and how the butt dial transformed everything, but probably not ‘cuz truth is never stranger than fiction.

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