Like Two Hands On The Back Of Your Head

Sometimes the bells go off and you wonder if someone hears your thoughts because you feel like you can hear the whispers inside their head too.

It is crazy and ridiculous but truth is stranger than fiction and you know if you wrote without fear of repercussion and complete transparency people would say you have lived a life.

But you won’t do that opting to make people wonder whether you are taking artistic license or if maybe there is a tale that only one or a couple might know of.

It is not as engaging as starting with “You never know how much blood a human body holds until it is emptied in front of you” but it is a lot less horrifying.

Does She Really Hate The Beatles?

My daughter has a habit of walking around the house with her music blasting from her phone but in spite of 13-years of training it is often music that hurts my ears.

Sometimes she sees the burning in my eyes and blood pouring from my ears and responds with “The Beatles suck dad, not all their stuff is good.”

I never believe she hates The Beatles or most of their music but often wonder how much she truly recognizes and how much of my music is just classified that way.

We may call it classic rock but I wonder if maybe classical music will soon include John, Paul, George and Ringo next to Mozart.

They are not quite as old but they have passed the half century mark which is a sign of their quality, ingenuity, evergreen nature and…age.

Like Two Hands On The Back Of Your Head

The New Year has been punctuated with challenges that some might describe feeling like two hands on the back of your head and Feats of Strength.

For almost 17 years a certain boy has been told he hasn’t received his full Wilner strength yet and that even when he does his father will still win the wrestling matches.

“I might be a 120 but I’ll be crafty and come up with at least one trick you have never seen before.”

He used to respond to that by telling me I’d have to live to 120 before it could be proven but now he says that I might have to rethink the whole “Wilner strength” thing.

Honesty dictates that I say he might be on to something. Kid isn’t quite strong enough yet to take me and certainly doesn’t have the physical heft to match my own but he surprised me.

If you know how competitive I am about some things you know that is not necessarily the kind of surprise I like, but I wasn’t really bothered by it.

Fact is when I realized I was going to lose if I didn’t try I couldn’t help smiling. That kid is strong, much stronger than he realizes and that pleased me too.

I haven’t really worried about him getting snatched off of the street or from the mall in quite some time and now I really don’t.

He is big enough to not be a target and I feel confident about his ability to look out for his sister.


The other part, the one that fell like two hands upon the back of my head didn’t make me smile.

No, it irritated me and made me wonder why something that should be simple turned into a giant clusterf*ck.

Poor planning and execution led to a giant mess and I didn’t have the patience to listen to a thousand excuses or to engage in finger pointing.

So I made like my namesake and attempted to destroy the walls around Jericho. Blew my horns, set charges and did my damnedest to tear the door off of the hinges.

If you are going to create your future you have to do more than just talk.

You Won’t Talk To Me

The subject of the line of the email is enough to make me delete it.

It is followed by three others and phone calls that go straight to voicemail.

I take a moment to think about how much I hate being ignored and how sometimes all people want is to be heard but in this case I don’t care.

Some people are better than I am at forgiving and or forgetting but neither comes easily to me. If you cross some lines I remember today the same way I did 25 years before.

Maybe these are good characteristics and maybe they are bad– everyone has an opinion. Love me, hate me or forget me.

It is a bad time to push me.

I am over extended and without more support I haven’t got the extra bandwidth to deal with the silly, the feckless, reckless and stupid.

Speaking of stupid some man whose first name ends in hua played a video clip in which characters talked about spicy food, asparagus and pineapple.

Most of the time it wouldn’t matter but said man thought it was something different and shared it with his son because he thought it would be something funny they would both appreciate.


Thank you Larry David for this, face palm.

Final Thoughts

Going to hit the deli tomorrow for lunch because I need some more Jew food, got to get a few things that we didn’t cook here.

Got to grab a sandwich, maybe a knish and let the smell and sound help me get lost in a moment and a memory.

And I have to do my part to help protect the real delis so that one day decades from now I can go with my grandchildren and pass on a piece of memory or two.

Let them have a cream soda and maybe share a secret or hint at one.

What a day, what a year and it just started. 🙂

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