Show Compassion & Let Me Die- Sarcasm

The man told me the problem with liberals is that we think we ought to pay for the mistakes other people make and that is unAmerican.

I cannot confirm or deny that I said the problem with fat attorneys isn’t that they are fat but that they are stupid.

“You are so out of touch you haven’t a clue how easily life can turn your world upside down and not bear an ounce of responsibility for what happened. One little ‘act of G-d’ and your dead or facing the kind of medical bills that crush people.

A rising tide raises all ships but you are too dumb to recognize that.

If I get sick I hope you show me compassion and let me die because I must be to blame.”

Confession, I probably used more colorful language than I shared above but you get the point. I haven’t any patience for clowns who think the only reason people run into hard times is because of poor choices.

Me & Pablo

Pablo and I are hanging out on the balcony talking about life.

He tells me to speak my truth and to just put it out there, regardless of consequences and I say I’ll think about it.

“My friend, you are too formal and too tight. You must call me by name.”

“Pablo, when Americans refer to you by last name it is often a term of endearment. As for me being uptight, well I have a yoke upon my neck that weighs more than Uranus.”

He smiles and tells me he caught my hidden meaning and I launch into a new diatribe.

“The pressure I feel now is significant and different than any other time. There is nowhere to go with it and no one to share it with. So sometimes it wears me out, but I keep going because faith tells me it will be ok.”

Pablo smiles, tilts his head back and finishes his drink.

He follows up by reciting something in Spanish that I only understand part of, but I know enough to sense the poetry in it and it makes me smile.

There are people who might appreciate such things if they were to listen and to hear, but you can’t make people see reason or understand logic.

You can only be yourself and live your life.

What is the line, “people will break your heart, but you should love them anyway.”

Tell that to the lawyer and let him explain how any bad thing that ever happens is your fault.

Guilt Isn’t Particularly Useful

I gave up guilt for Lent.

Ok, that is not true, I don’t observe Lent but I did give up guilt…mostly.

It is not particularly useful and I have found many times it does a better job of paralyzing me than making me learn.

So I decided to let it go and most of the time it works, but the few things I feel guilty about are enormous.

The kind of thing that rips your heart into pieces that you aren’t sure can ever be repaired.

A while back I spent time deleting old files and getting rid of emails sent long ago.

I looked at a few and remembered things that were and promises once made. Wondered for a moment or two whether I should hold on to some of them as they provided hard copies of memories and then clicked delete.

Some things you let go of and some things you hold on to.

Certain things are burned upon my mind so it wouldn’t matter if I tried to delete the files that were attached because I would remember them always.

About That Rising Tide

Talked to the kids about how a rising tide lifts all ships and our responsibility to look out for others.

Told them some people would break their hearts and make life hard but that didn’t mean we shouldn’t look out for them too.

You never know who will be important to you or how important some other person is to other people.

A healthier and better educated society is good for all of us. Don’t let people fool you into believing it is impossible to do or it is a drain upon society.

“Pablo, have you noticed that we carry electricity in our hands. One touch can make another person jump. One touch can make their body tingle and their heart pound.”

He nodded his head, smiled and told me a story about one touch.

I would share that one with you but there are boundaries in blogging that we shouldn’t cross.

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