All I Ask Of You

Somewhere out there in the darkness thousands of people are singing their own personal versions of All I Ask Of You, hoping they aren’t destined to be the damn phantom huh.

Each one of them lost in thought about their own situation wondering if they are destined for something more or doomed to something less.

For some mediocrity is enough, but not for all, some are true believers and are certain that there is a key to getting over the hump.

What John, Paul, George & Ringo Said

Those guys with the mop tops said all we need is love and perhaps that is true.

Some might certainly agree with it, while others require something more specific.

They’re the people who are more like the Phantom folk who might say something like, “Love me, that’s all I ask of you.”

If you are consumer of culture be it books, opera, plays, music or movies you have definitely come across both groups.

You have definitely seen/heard/read a million stories about love. Some are tales of forbidden love, some are about love lost and some are about love found.

And the interesting thing to me is how it is one thing that connects people.

You can go back a thousand years and find the same stories about boy meets girl or girl meets boy and know they had many of the same twists and turns we experience in modernity.


The City Is Cursed

If I told you the canoes above are empty because the people who were paddling heard their team lost and jumped overboard you might nod your head.

Or you might yell at me and try to hit me with a big black purse.

Of course I might ask why you tried to hit me since I didn’t mention the name of the city I was referring which makes me wonder why you are so violent.

I better make a note to keep sharp objects out of your hands, and blunt ones too, the last thing I need is to get hit with a hairbrush.

Anyhoo, I have been a fan of sports my entire life with my true love given to my LA teams first and always.

I have been lucky to have seen them all win championships and to know what it is like to root for them in bad times too.

I have seen my guys lose big games and wanted to scream and screamed because I saw them win big.

And in the midst of all of it I have wondered from time-to-time how many of those athletes cried when I failed a test, lost a job or had something bad happened.

Wondered if after a big loss they thought about calling me to see how I was doing.

Of course they never did and since none of them knew me I shouldn’t expect a call or concern on their part.

The point of this being I try to remind myself to just enjoy the game and not get wrapped up in who wins or loses.

I suspect if you went back a thousand years this is another one of those commonalities we have always shared.

A tribalism that makes us root for whatever tribe we happen to be a part of.

Granted that is not particularly profound, but you aren’t coming here on a Saturday night to read an academic treatise on this topic, are you.


The Music Of The Night

I am a fan of the music of the night.

There is a different sort of magic under a moonlit night that you don’t find during daytime.

Things look different at night and it gives you a different sort of perspective.

I am a fan of that, changing perspective that is.

You never know how you will see some things when you turn them around.

I like it for its creative and problem solving purposes.

All too often we find ourselves repeatedly trying to fill the hole with the wrong item.

Why force the square into the circle when you don’t have to.

I suspect the answer is tied into fear and or impatience. You don’t have to take that as gospel, it is just the words of an average Joe who tried to turn some musical references into a post.

And if you are wondering why I did it, well the answer is because I have two problems I have been unsuccessful in solving.

I figured maybe a different approach here might help me approach them in a different way and come up with a solution.

Worst case scenario it yields a cheesy post, best case, well I come up with the solutions and some bigwig sees this post and decides to sign me to a million dollar book deal.

You never know, stranger things have happened.

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