Sometimes People Disappoint You

Sometimes people disappoint you and you wonder how someone who was supposed to have your back found a way to blame you for their shortcomings.

And sometimes you find yourself on the opposite side of the wheel wondering how you could have screwed up so badly.

Sometimes you search for the perfect words and the best you can come up with is a song lyric that doesn’t impart meaning the way you wished it did.


Or maybe it is more accurate to say you aren’t sure if it does because you don’t know how it is interpreted.

You can’t say they understand and appreciate it the way you do so you find yourself more irritated because all you really want is to be heard and to be seen.

Except it doesn’t happen and you have to wonder if it is a situation where you walk away never knowing or feeling like you got closure.

Or if it is just one of those temporary things, a glitch and or hiccup in time that will pass.

It is a question that isn’t easily answered and a conversation I have had with the kids more than once now.

That is the double sided coin of parenting, the joy of being able to do some really cool things because of their age balanced against them experiencing some really tough stuff.

Sometimes People Disappoint You

It is not satisfactory to me.

I don’t like saying things like sometimes people disappoint you because the kids are old enough to know how trite that is.

And old enough to see that sometimes people do things that are inexplicable.

They make choices that aren’t particularly smart and stay in bad relationships pretending that things are better than they appear.

Or they engage in destructive behavior that makes you scratch your head because surely they know better.

And the thing is, you feel worse about it when you know they do because you can’t figure out why they would stand in a fire and pour gasoline over their head.

What Do You Do?

Sometimes you walk and sometimes you love them and wait.

Sometimes you walk even though you love them.

Sometimes you do all of the above and none of the above.

Life doesn’t come with a manual and when it gets hairy all you can really do is wing it and hope things work out as you wish.

There are no guarantees.

Sometimes people disappoint you and sometimes just when you can’t believe how dumb they are they surprise you.

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